Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 8th May 2022, Episode 18 DID L'il Masters

Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 8th May 2022, Episode 18 DID L'il Masters

Dance India Dance L'il Master 8th May 2022 Episode Written Update: Cast, Next Guests, Contestants, Episode 18, Jayeshbhai Jordaar Cast, Ranveer Singh, Shalini Pandey, Mother's Day Special

Zee TV's dance reality show, DID Little Masters 2022 will be entertaining the audience this week with the presence of the upcoming movie Jayeshbhai Jordar's female lead Shalini Pandey who will accompany Ranveer Singh.

The recent promo for DID L'il Masters Season 5 (08-05-2022) for this weekend episode shows all the contestants giving a tribute to their mothers and guardians who have given them the love of a mother.

One of the promos also shows the little masters dancing with their mothers accompanying them on the stage.

The latest promo of DID kids 5th season 2022 for this weekend (8 May 2022) shows Sagar's heart-touching performance in which he adds Sonali Bendre's picture alone with his mother's picture as she is taking care of him like a mother on DID Little Masters 5.

Sonali gets emotional to see her worth in Sagar's life and the love he showcases for her.

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DID L'il Masters 5 8th May 2022 Latest Update, Episode Promo:

Dance India Dance L'il Masters 5 8th May 2022 Written Update:

Today's DID L'il Masters Season 5 8th May 2022 episode starts with the host, Jay Bhanushali announcing the celebration of Mother's Day along with welcoming all the moms of the little masters.

The first performance is by Mansi from Team Vartika and she makes everyone's heart delighted with her dance act.

After every performance, the contestant's mother talks a few lines about them.

Rishita Tanti from Team Vaibhav comes in next and performs an awesome Bollywood blockbuster performance that amazes everyone.

Further, Jay talks to Sonali Bendre about her mother after which he presents a video in which Sonali's mother says how she is proud of her daughter.

The show continues with Sagar's performance from Team Paul. Sagar dedicates his dance act to his mother as well as Sonali who has been taking care of him since the start of the show.

Sonali gets extremely emotional to see Sagar's love and respect for her.

Before continuing, Remo walks to the stage and invites Aadhyashree also.

Remo gives Aadhyashree many gifts that are brought from her hometown however, her mother's entry makes her most joyful.

Aadhyashree hugs her mother and her tears flow through her cute little cheeks.

To continue the show, Sanvi from Team Vartika makes a stylish and unique entry and wins over everyone's heart with her mesmerizing dance act.

Further, Appun is surprised after seeing her mother walk into DID's stage to meet Appun.

The show continues with Nobojit's performance from Team Vaibhav.

Nobojit's performance on the song 'Meri Maa' dedicated to his mother touches everyone's soul.

The next performer is Rupsa who impresses the judges with the perfection of the dance form that she showcases.

After the performance, Rupsa's mother shares how proud she is of Rupsa and she would always support her to follow her passion.

Lastly, all the contestants perform a dance with their mothers accompanying them on the stage.

Further, Jay shares a video in which Remo's mother mentions Remo's struggle through his journey.

Later, Remo keeps Jay busy and suddenly Jay gets shocked to see his mother scare him.

When Jay says that he scares his mother the most, his mother corrects that Jay fears his wife, Mahi more than anyone.

End of today's 8 May 2022 Dance India Dance episode.

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