Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Elimination Today: Eliminated DID Mom Contestant This Week 2022

Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Elimination Today: Eliminated DID Mom Contestant This Week 2022

Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Elimination: DID Super Mom Season 2022 Eliminated Contestants, Eviction by votes and scores, Who got eliminated today? Super Moms and Their Skippers

Zee TV's admired dancing reality show Dance India Dance Super Moms is back with its season 3 after seven years.

The on-ground auditions for DID Super Moms 2022 started on 4th May 2022 in Guwahati and ended in Mumbai on 21st May 2022.

Dance India Dance Super Mom season 3 will air on Zee TV and this article contains the elimination details to be followed in the new season.

The contestants (super moms 3) selected will compete week after week to gain scores to be safe from eviction.

The eliminations/evictions from DIDSM 3 will be based on the scores given by the judges on weekends combined with the public voting.

On weekends, the contestant who gets the lowest judges' score and public voting combined will be ending their journey on the DIDSM3 show.

Let's wait and see who gets eliminated (exit the show) and who gets to stay and continue their journey in season 3 of DID Super Moms 2022 and become the winner.

Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 3 Elimination Today (List of contestants eliminated this week)

On 25th September 2022, Varsha Bumra is declared the winner of the DID Super Moms season 3. Sadhana Mishra is the first runner up and Sadika Khan is the second runner up.

On 18th September 2022, No Elimination Today in DID Super Moms, All 6 Supermoms are selected for the DID Super Moms season 3 Grand Finale.

On 11th September 2022, No Elimination Today in DID Super Moms. Next week DID Super Moms 3 will have its top 5 finalists.

On 4th September 2022, Babli Bhattacharjee Das and Khyati Gupta exited DID Super Moms season 3.

On 28th August 2022, Deepika Shetty and Deepthi K. Dasan are voted out from Super Moms season 3.

On 21st August 2022, Seemrit Kaur Khosla and Riya Bhattacharjee got eliminated in the first eliminations of the third season of DID Super Moms.

    DID Super Moms 3 Elimination Status, Contestants Names List (2022), Skippers with their Team Members

    Here is a table showing the status of each Dance India Dance 3 Super Mom contestant including their other details.

    Serial Number

    DID Super Moms 3 Contestant Name with Skippers DID Super Mom 3 Elimination Status


    Varsha Bumra with Skipper Vartika Winner


    Sadhana Mishra with Skipper Bharat First Runner Up 


    Sadika Khan with Skipper Vivek Second Runner Up


    Anila Rajan with Skipper Shewta Forth Position


    Riddhi Tiwari with Skipper Shyam Fifth Position


    Alpana Pandey with Skipper Vaibhav Fifth Position


    Khyati Gupta with Skipper Ashish Eliminated


    Babli Bhattarcharjee Das with Skipper Rutuja Eliminated


    Deepika Shetty with Skipper Bhawna  Eliminated


    Deepthi K. Dasan with Skipper Anuradha  Eliminated


    Seemrit Kaur Khosla with Skipper Kumar Eliminated


    Riya Bhattacharjee with Skipper Roza  Eliminated

    We will keep on updating the current and eliminated list of contestants in Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 3 2022.

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