Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Voting 2022: Vote DID Super Moms 3 Online, Zee5

Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Voting 2022: Vote DID Super Moms 3 Online, Zee5

Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Voting 2022: How to Vote for your favorite Super Moms Season 3 contestants

Zee TV is soon launching the new season of Dance India Dance Super Moms in 2022 and viewers can watch it online using Zee5 App.

The voting details of DID 2022 SuperMoms Season 3 will be provided in this article.

This season in the first few weeks there will be no public voting. Eventually, as the elimination starts the live voting will also initialize.

However, once the elimination starts the public votes and judges' scores will be combined to decide who will continue their journey on DID SM and who'll return home.

DID Super Moms 3 Contestants Voting Details:

  • The audition process started on 4th May 2022 via the offline method in Guwahati and continued till 21st May 2022 in Mumbai.
  • The judges will vote for selecting the best contestants for the third season of DID Moms.
  • Further, the Top selected contestants will continue the journey on Season 3 of Dance India Dance SuperMoms.
  • The viewers can participate in live voting after the voting lines opens along with the eliminations.

How to cast vote for your favorite Dance India Dance Super Moms 2022 contestants

DIDSM 2022 Voting decides which contestant would stay in the competition and who will get eliminated.

After the show starts, public voting will take place for DID Super Mom. The public voting will be merged with the judges' scores for the eliminations.

The viewers can vote by logging in on zee5 following the below-mentioned steps once the show goes on air:

  • Download or Update the Zee5 app.
  • Login/ Signup on the Zee5 app or on
  • Go to the Dance India Dance Super Mom section.
  • You will be provided with a list of contestants' pictures along with their names and a vote button.
  • Distribute your votes to your favorite Super Moms and save them from elimination.
  • You can also vote for your favorite supermom by giving missed calls to specific numbers.

Supermoms' Names With Their Phone Numbers-

1. Sadika Khan


2. Babli Bhattacharjee Das


3. Riddhi Tiwari


4. Alpana Pandey


5. Anila Rajan


6. Seemrit Kaur Khosla


7. Sadhna Mishra


8. Khayti Kalia Gupta


9. Varsha Bumra


10. Deepthi K. Dasan


11. Riya Bhattacharjee


12. Deepika Shetty

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