DID Super Moms 3 13th August 2022 Written Update, Guests Today

DID Super Moms 3 13th August 2022 Written Update, Guests Today

Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 3 13th August 2022 Written Update: DID Super Moms Full Show Online, Top Performances

Zee TV’s reality show DID Super Moms will entertain the audience this week with super moms' amazing performances with their skippers.

This week Govinda will join the judges as a special guest.

The recent promo for season 3 DID Super Mom (13-08-2022) for this weekend shows Super Mom Riddhi and Skipper Shaym giving a comic performance that impresses everyone.

After the performance, Riddhi touches Govinda to see if he is real or not.

Seeing this, Govinda remarks that Riddhi is still a little kid despite being a mother. 

Govinda then comes to the stage and dances with Riddhi on her favorite song.

One of the other promos for DID Super Moms (13 August 2022) shows Super Mom Alpana and Skipper Vaibhav giving an amazing performance like always.

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Dance India Dance Super Moms 3 Govinda Special, Latest Promo:

DID Super Moms 3 13th August 2022 Written Update:

Today’s episode starts with Govinda making a gorgeous entry and announcing that it is always his mother's blessing that helps him to become Hero No. 1.

Jay then welcomes Supermom Sadika and Skipper Bharat for their performance.

They surprise everyone with their afro-style dance on “Goriya Churana Mera Jiya”.

After the performance, they get a standing ovation from the judges and a golden buzzer.

Sadika then informs everyone that her mother-in-law likes Govinda much.

When Sadika’s mother-in-law comes to the stage, she tells Govinda that she has seen him during his movie shooting.

She even requests Govinda to narrate the dialog of Swarg's movie and his dialog surprises everyone.

After that, Supermom Babli and Skipper Rutuja impress everyone with their lavni on Tum Toh Dholkebazz ho song.

After the dance performance, Bhagyashree requests Govinda to compliment Babli in his Aunti No.1 voice.

Govinda changes his tone into Aunty No.1  and impresses everyone.

After that, Babli complains to Govinda that every time her performance foods arrive on the stage, she doesn't get anything to eat. 

To fulfill Babli’s wish, Remo and Govinda start playing the hunger game for her.

However, Remo wins the game.

Later, Supermom Riddhi and Skipper Shaym tribute to Govinda through their performance on Govinda's famous songs remix.

After the performance, Riddhi requests to touch Govinda’s hand to ensure she is not dreaming, making everyone laugh.

Riddhi then introduces her friends to Govinda and Govinda inaugurates Riddhi’s dance studio.

Govinda and Riddhi,  lady Govinda both entertain everyone with their amazing performance.

Meanwhile, Supermom Alpana and Skipper Vaibhav showcase the emotional state of older people when their children leave them making everyone cry on Pyar Hian Ya Daga.

After the performance ends, Bhagyashree hugs Alapan for the amazing performance.

They also get a golden buzzer for it.

Govinda and Urmila then perform their iconic dance style.

Meanwhile, Supermom Anila and Skipper Shweta represent angels through their Sona Kitna Sona Hey performance.

After the performance, Govinda tells everyone that he cannot give Anila’s husband any romantic as he also doesn’t know romance.

Further Supermom Seemrit and Skipper Kumar surprise everyone with their Bhangra and Kathak mixture.

After the performance, Seemrit announces that Govinda has inspired her to dance.

End of today’s 13th August 2022 DID Super Moms written update.

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