DID Super Moms 3 31st July 2022 Written Update, Badshah Special, Top 12

DID Super Moms 3 31st July 2022 Written Update, Badshah Special, Top 12

Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 3 31st July 2022 Written Update: DID Super Moms Full Show Online, Top Performances

Zee TV’s reality show DID Super Moms will entertain the audience this week with super moms' amazing performances with their skippers.

This week rapper Badshah and playback singer Payel Dev will join the judges as special guests.

The recent promo for season 3 DID Super Mom (31-07-2022) for this weekend shows super mom Sadika surprising everyone with her scary performance.

After the dance performance, Badshah tells Sadika that he cannot believe she is a mom.

Even Bhagyashree praises Sadika for giving the message so perfectly.

One of the other promos for DID Super Moms (31 July 2022) shows Payel Dev and Badshah making their gorgeous entry.

Download DIDSM's third season or watch Dance India Dance Super Moms on both Zee television and OTT platform Zee5.

Dance India Dance Super Moms 31st July 2022, Latest Promo, Badshah Special:

DID Super Moms 3 31st July 2022 Written Update:

Today’s DID Super Moms 31st July 2022 episode starts with a continuation of the theme ' Bollywood queen'.

Jay announces, Anila with skipper Sweta on Bollywood queen special representing Manisha Koirala on the song 'Pyaar Hua Chupke Se'. They narrate a love story of two swans.

Remo compares their performance with the elegance of a swan.

To make Anila feel like a queen Remo reenact the scene from the movie 1942 A love story.

Later on, Deepti and skipper Anuradha come to represent Rekha on the song 'Salame Ishq Meri Jaan' and do a kathak dance form.

Urmila compares her dance to Rekha.

Later on, Alpana and skipper Vaibhav give a tribute to Bollywood queen 'Jaya Parada' performing classical dance on the legendary song ' Dafali Wale Dafli Baja'

Bhagyashree gives compliments to Alpana for playing an imaginary Dafli.

Later on, Jay reads the letter Alpana gets from her fans.

Afterward, Sadhana Mishra with skipper Bharat comes to represent Bollywood queen Jaya Bachan while performing the song 'Bahon Mein Chale Aao'

Urmila compliments Sadhana's performance as a perfect celebrity.

Alpana's daughter and husband come to the stage. Alpana reveals Riddhi's and Varsha's secrets.

Later on, Simrat with skipper Kumar gives tribute to 'Aishwarya Rai Bachan' with a sharp performance of the song 'Kajra Re and Ramta Jogi'.

Remo asks Simrat about her queen moment.

Simrat tells about her daughter's cute actions for her while her husband surprises her on the stage and apologizes for not supporting her earlier.

Remo praises her footwork.

Afterward, Riya and skipper Roza gives tribute to Bollywood queen 'Madhuri Dixit' on the song 'Kay Sera Sera' with dance form hip hop.

Bhagyashree gives a standing ovation and a gold buzzer.

Urmila asks Riya about her queen moment.

Jay shows Riya shopping for school supplies for her daughter with her first income after becoming a queen.

Everyone becomes emotional after hearing her struggles.

End of today's DID Super Moms episode.

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