DID Super Moms 3 6th August 2022 Written Update, Top 12 Performances

DID Super Moms 3 6th August 2022 Written Update, Top 12 Performances

Dance India Dance Super Moms Season 3 6th August 2022 Written Update: DID Super Moms Full Show Online, Top Performances, Janvi Kapoor Special, Good Luck Jerry Cast

Zee TV’s reality show DID Super Moms will entertain the audience this week with super moms' amazing performances with their skippers.

This week Janvi Kapoor will join the judges as a special guest to promote her new movie Good Luck Jerry.

The recent promo for season 3 DID Super Mom (06-08-2022) for this weekend shows Janvi Kapoor teaching super mom Riddhi how to do a ramp walk.

She gives Riddhi her high heels for walking as Riddhi loves shoes.

Riddhi’s funny walk amazes everyone. Even Remo praises her for her amazing confidence.

One of the other promos for DID Super Moms (6 August 2022) shows Super Mom Sadhna and Skipper Bharat giving a gorgeous aerial performance.

After the performance, Janvi compliments Sadhna by saying that she cannot believe a mother of three children can do an aerial like this.

Even Remo hugs Sadhna for her amazing performance.

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Dance India Dance Super Moms 6th August 2022, Latest Promo, Janvi Kapoor Special:

DID Super Moms 3 6th August 2022 Written Update:

Today’s DID Super Moms season 3 6th August 2022 episode starts with a voice announcing that today is the Husband Exam” and Janvi Kapoor makes her gorgeous entry to the set.

Jay then welcomes supermom Deepthi and skipper Anuradha for their performance.

They portray Droupadi’s Bastra Haran and women's power through their amazing performance classical performance.

After the performance, they get a golden buzzer for their performance.

Krishna, Deepthi’s husband then comes to the stage and Jay requests Remo to come to the stage for the competition.

Like always, Remo beats Krishna in cutting vegetables.

As Krishna lost the competition, Jay orders him to eat bitter gourd and Deepthi also eats it.

After that, supermom Babli and skipper Rutuja surprises the judges with their Bihu folk dance on the Bichuya song.

After the performance, Remo compliments Babli for her amazing expression.

Jay then asks Babli to reveal her complaint against her husband.

Hearing this, Babli complains that her husband always comes home with amazing food during her fast.

Jay orders Babli’s husband to answer the right answers so Babli can get her favorite food otherwise it will be distributed to the audience.

However, he only gives one correct answer much to Babli’s annoyance.

To surprise Babli, Remo arrives on the stage with cake as it’s Babli’s birthday.

Further, supermom Riddhi and skipper Shaym impress the judges with their comedy performance on “Yaro Sunlo Zara”.

Once the performance ends, Riddhi urges Remo and Urmila to come to the stage to dance with her.

After that, Janvi offers Riddhi her high heels and teaches her how to do a ramp walk.

During the ramp walk, Riddhi’s funny walk generates laughter among everyone.

Later, supermom Sadhna and skipper Bharat portray mentally disabled people through their ariel act that makes everyone emotional.

After the performance, they get salami from Urmila along with a golden buzzer.

However, Sadhna’s daughter reveals that her father has a crush on Janvi.

To fulfill his dream, Janvi dances with him on the Jhingat song and others also join them.

After that, supermom Anila and skipper Shweta showcases the struggle of a married woman through their powerpack performance on the Dangal song.

As expected, they get amazing compliments from the judges.

Jay then asks every husband if they get permission for the boys' night out and every man denies it on the set.

After that, Jay orders Anila and her husband to solve the puzzle of their photos and Anilla’s husband win the game.

To continue the show, supermom Khyati and skipper Ashish surprises the judge on the Kale Megha song.

They get a golden buzzer for it.

End of today’s 6th August 2022 DID Super Moms written update.

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