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Faltu Upcoming Story: Latest Promo Twist! Faltu Misguides Ayaan

Faltu Upcoming Story: Latest Promo Twist! Faltu Misguides Ayaan

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The story of Faltu revolves around a girl who was not wanted in the world but still dared to be born.

A girl who was raised knowing that her existence is useless - Faltu. She is portrayed as a wild vine that grows in the jungle and spreads wherever and however she wants. 

She is the supreme example of a woman who becomes strong in the face of rejection.

This beautiful innocent girl is a talented all-rounder cricketer whose talents are wasted in the village of Rajasthan until a business Ayaan, who is also a sportsman at heart, comes along. 

As per the latest gossip of the serial Faltu, Aryan will get impressed with Faltu's batting and would want to guide her to be a better sportsman.

In the upcoming story, Faltu wins a match at a nearby village but its organisers refuse to pay her the money. 

Faltu pretends to belong to a very poor family and begs them to pay her so that she can feed her family and manages to get Rs 250 from the organisers.

On her way back, she comes across Ayaan and her assistant who are looking for someone to guide them to an address. 

Faltu and Ayaan get on the wrong foot, Faltu dislikes Aryan cocky and suspicious nature while Ayaan hates Faltu's guts. 

Faltu also plays a trick on Ayaan by misleading him about the way and wasting Ayaan's precious time. 

There is also a married angle involved with Ayaan as a girl is referring to him as Husband Ji.

Let us see how Faltu and Ayaan's fate is entwined with each other, in the upcoming episodes of Faltu when Ayaan feels attraction towards Faltu and helps her to become a successful Cricketer despite Faltu's family's objection.

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