Hunarbaaz Colors TV Winner 2022, Results, Prize Money, Runner Up 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Hunarbaaz Colors TV Winner 2022, Results, Prize Money, Runner Up 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Hunarbaaz Grand Finale Results 2022: Winner Name, Runner ups (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Names List)

Hunarbaaz  Sesason 2022 Winner, Runner up Names

Name of the Hunarbaz 2022 grand finale contestant

Hunar Baz 2022 winner Prize Money Details

Hunarbaaz 2022 Winner (First Place)

Akash Singh

Rs. 15 Lakhs

Hunarbaaz 2022 1st Runner Up (2nd Place)

Yo Highness

Rs. 5 Lakhs

Hunar Baaz Season 1 2nd Runner Up (3rd Place)



Season 2022 Hunarbaaz 3rd Runner Up (4th Place)



Hunarbaz 2022 4th Runner Up (5th Place)



Hunarbaaz 5th Runner Up (6th Place)



Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan winner 2022 prediction: Grand Finale This Week, Who wins Hunarbaaz 1st Season? 

The winner of Hunarbaaz 2022 will be chosen through public voting and judge's votes. The Hunarbaaz winner's name will be announced on the finale episode which will air on Sunday 17th April 2022.

Hunarbaaz finalist Anirban Roy has been called the child prodigy as he gets the judges' and the audience’s appreciation in every performance and makes a special place in every guest's heart who arrived on the stage of Hunarbaaz.

The appreciation and love from talented international and national artists that Anirban has received throughout the season are giving him more chances to win the title of Hunarbaaz Season 1 winner.

Hunarbaaz contestants Anirban Roy and Rocknaama are looking forward to the Hunarbaaz winner trophy for the finals.

In the last few weeks before the finale, the judges have praised Anirban and presented him with the Behatreen Performance buzzer every time he has performed. 

However, Rocknaama is also a huge competition for him to win the title of winner of Hunarbaaz Season 1 as they have been titled the most versatile performers through their fresh performances every weekend.

Shaheen, Rocknaama’s vocalist has made many famous singers fans of her singing by producing outstanding masterpieces.

On the other hand, Harmony of Pines comes under the category of the most celebrated singers as they bring freshness to the stage of Hunarbaaz.

The Harmony of Pines are representing Himachal Police and the state is extremely proud of them through their achievements.

Hunarbaaz’s and Parineeti’s favorite contestant Akash Singh has a great chance to win the title as well due to his dedication and continuous hard work.

There had been a situation in Akash's life where he had to live on the streets without a home.

Nevertheless, Akash has arrived a long way and is a tough competition to his competitors. The judges are impressed by his never give up attitude in every situation.

Further, Sanchita and Subrata have been the best duo on the stage of Hunarbaaz and are famous for performing some of the dangerous performances on the Hunar Baaz stage.

Other than these, Yo Highness has brought a wave of women empowerment and represents the young women of our country. Yo Highness has that oomph in every performance and gets the attention of the audience through their energetic performance. 

Last but not the least, finalist Sukhdev entered the Hunarbaaz as a challenger and has given a throat-cut competition to the contestants of Hunarbaaz in no time.

Having said that, the main competition lies between Anirban and Rocknaama, and the suspense will come to an end on the last episode of this season of Hunarbaaz on 17-04-2022.

We anticipate, "Rocknaama is the winner of Hunarbaaz 2022."

However, Akash Singh has won the title of Hunarbaaz.

We wish all the best to the grand finale contestants and hope that the best one wins the Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan title and is crowned the winner.

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