Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 12th March 2022, Episode 15, Akshay Kumar Spl on Voot

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 12th March 2022, Episode 15, Akshay Kumar Spl on Voot

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 12th March 2022 Written Update: Episode 15, Online full Episodes, Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon

Colors TV's reality show Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan has been entertaining its viewers by bringing immense talent before the audience.

With the eliminations that have started from the last week, the competition has increased to the next level among the contestants that they are leaving the judges speechless with their performances, making it hard for them to judge.

In the latest promo of the Hunarbaaz show (12 March 2022), Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and actress Kriti Sanon are seen on the set of HDKS as guests to promote their upcoming movie 'Bachchan Pandey.'

With his mere presence, Akshay Kumar has this tendency to make the atmosphere very energetic and vibrant.

The same was seen when Akshay joins the B Unique crew on the stage, after their performance, and danced with the crew on his new song of Bachchan Pandey.

Along with the other judges Kriti enjoys Akshay's agility and the performances of the contestants which are mind-blowing.

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Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 12th March 2022, This Week Upcoming Promo:

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 12th March 2022 Written Update:

Today's Hunarbaaz 12th March 2022 starts with Aakash's amazing dance performance and he thanks Parineeti for her generosity.

Akash showcases his aerial fusion which leaves the audience stunned. His act earns him the Behtareen Performance buzzer.

The stage and the audience shine with the presence of superstar Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon.

The next performance starts with a sizzling performance of Yo Highness which sets the stage on fire. The dance group performs on ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ which bags them the Behtareen Performance badge.

The third performance by Tipu Pahalwan Group is praised immensely by the special guest Akshay Kumar as Tipu carries 40 kgs of weight on his chest.

B unique arrives with an action-packed performance where they thrill the audience with their swag of 'Bacchan Pandey'. They are appreciated for their looks as well. B unique receive the Behtareen Performance buzzer.

The next performance by Brijwasi Bros where they request to perform again due to some minor issue. Karan Johar tells them that it is a reality show and mistakes are not allowed.

Brijwasi Bros were denied to perform again which leaves them hopeless.

Illuminati's mesmerizing act on Lord Krishna is applauded by the audience however gets criticized by Mithun Da as he says their act is getting repetitive.

End of 12th March 2022 episode.

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