Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 19th March 2022, Nora Fatehi Episode, Next Guest, Cast

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 19th March 2022, Nora Fatehi Episode, Next Guest, Cast

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 19th March 2022 Written Updates: Latest guest Nora Fatehi Special, Colors TV Full Show Online, Episode 17

Colors TV's reality show Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan (HDKS) has been entertaining its viewers through the immense talent of its extraordinary contestants.

As the elimination round has got intense, contestants are keeping their best foot forward with their power-packed performances.

In the latest promos of the show Hunarbaaz (19-03-2022), Dilbar Girl Nora Fatehi joins the judges and the contestants on the Hunarbaaz for the promotion of the new show Dance Deewane Juniors 2022.

In the new promo of 19 March 2022 Hunarbaaz, Nora teaches Hunarbaaaz Akash the language of love. Akash blushes after he meets his crush, Nora. 

The belly dancing queen dances on her iconic hit numbers like "Saki Saki" and "Dilbar" with the contestants of Yo Highness and wins the hearts of the audience.

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Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 19th March 2022 Written Update Promo:

Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan 19th March 2022 Written Update:

Today's episode of Hunarbaaz Desh Ki Shaan starts with a fun entry of guest Nora Fatehi welcomed by Mithun Da and Harsh.

Later, Yo Highness' performance on Saki Saki steals the heart of the audience. The contestants were appreciated for their out-of-the-box approach and gets a Behtareen Performance buzzer.

In the second performance by Akash, he performs on an emotional song in an aerial act.

Akash immediately gets the Behtareen Performance buzzer for defying gravity with his performance.

Later, Nora teaches Akash how to talk to girls which excites the judges and the audience.

Anirban performs at number three and teleports the audience in another dimension with his musical performance.

Meanwhile, Anirban is joined by Harmony of the Pines giving his performance that extra edge.

He received the Behtareen Performance buzzer as well.

Harmony of Pines performs at number four and set a joyous mood with their 'Koi Mil Gaya' performance.

They got the Behtareen Performance badge for their performance.

Manoj Jain stuns the judges with his magical performance. Manoj gets the Behtareen Performance badge as well for his mind-blowing performance.

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