Ichhe Putul Serial Cast, Zee Bangla Wiki, Story, Release Date, Timings, Actors With Photos

Ichhe Putul Serial Cast, Zee Bangla Wiki, Story, Release Date, Timings, Actors With Photos

Ichhe Putul Serial on Zee Bangla Wiki/Wikipedia, Start Date, Telecast Timings, Promo, Upcoming Story, Twists, Spoilers, Gossip, Written Updates, Review, Hit or Flop, TRP Ratings

Icche Putul is a Zee Bangla serial starting on 30th January 2023 at 10 PM from Monday-Friday.

The promo of the serial is already out and it is going to replace the Lokkhi Kakima Superstar serial.

Titiksha Das is the female lead of the serial, playing the role of Megh.

She is well known among fans for her Maa Lakshmi role in the “Jay Jagannath” serial.

Meanwhile, Sweta Mishra will play the role of Megh’s elder sister, Mayuri.

Before this show, she was seen in Star Jalsa's famous serial “Dhulokona".

Mainak Banerjee will play the role of Souronil, the male protagonist, and Megh’s love interest, the Professor.

Other famous actors like Soma Banerjee, and Krishnokishore Mukherjee will also play interesting roles in the Ichee Putul serial.

The story of the show will revolve around Megh, Mayuri, and Souronil’s love triangle story.

Here is a detailed description of the serial Ichhe Putul on Zee Bangla, its upcoming story, twists, spoilers, gossip, written updates, TRP ratings, and many more.

Ichhe Putul on Zee Bangla Details

Serial Name

 Ichhe Putul

Serial Name in Bengali

ইছে পুতুল



Icche Putul Starting Date

30th January 2023

End Date


Ichee Putul Telecast Days

Monday to Friday

Telecast Timings

10 PM


Zee Bangla

OTT Platform




Production Company




Ichhe Putul Entire Cast Crew, Actor, Actress Names With Photos

Titiksha Das as Megh

 Sweta Mishra as Mayuri (Megh's Elder Sister)

Mainak Banerjee as Souronil (Megh's Professor & Love Interest)

Soma Banerjee as Megh & Mayuri's Mother

Krishnokishore Mukherjee as Megh & Mayuri's Father

Ichhe Putul Plot/Story

Ichhe Putul's storyline revolves around Megh and her elder sister Mayuri who has been very sick.

Megh is kind, selfless, and very caring, whereas Mayuri is selfish and jealous.

Since childhood, Mayuri has wanted what Megh has without caring about Megh's feelings.

On Megh’s birthday, her father gives her a beautiful necklace which Mayuri takes it away from her since she likes it more.

Noticing this, their father scolds Mayuri for taking away the necklace from Megh who has given her blood to save Mayuri but Megh adds that she is born to fulfill her sister’s wish.

In the evening, during Megh’s birthday celebration, Megh’s professor and love interest, Souronil walk in to wish her.

While Megh and Souronil are busy talking, Mayuri reveals that she has fallen in love with Souronil at the first sight.

Before Megh can dwell on this thought for long, Mayuri falls unconscious and their mother yells that only Megh’s blood can save Mayuri’s life.

Picking up Mayuri in her lap, Megha states that she will not let anything happen to her big sister.

As the story will progress, it will be interesting to see if Megh will sacrifice her love for Mayuri or not which is Souronil. 

Icche Putul Serial TRP Ratings

Ichhe Putul is expected to get good TRP for its timing and star cast.

Lokki Kakika Superstar was a big hit at the 10 PM time slot so we can hope Ichhe Putul will also get the same love from the audience.

However due to having similarities with Star Jalsa's famous old show “Ichhe Nodi”, the serial is getting negative limelight on social media before its release as their plots are quite the same.

Now, let’s watch if this negative limelight plays in favor of the show or not and how Ichhe Putul will climb the TRP ladder.

Ichhe Putul Teaser/Promo/Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. When is Ichhe Putul releasing?

A. Ichhe Putul's release date is 30th January 2023.

Q. Which serial will get replaced by Ichhe Putul?

A. The Lokkhi Kakima Superstar serial is being replaced by the Ichee Putul serial. 

Q. Who are the lead actresses of Icche Putul?

A. Titiksha Das & Sweta Mishra are the lead actresses of this Zee Bangla serial.

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