Imlie 3 Wiki, New Cast after Leap, Story, Imli Season 3 Actors with Photos

Imlie 3 Wiki, New Cast after Leap, Story, Imli Season 3 Actors with Photos

Imlie 3 New Cast, Imli Season 3.0 Upcoming Story, Twists, Gossips, Spoilers, Post Leap Story:

Imlie is a popular and one of the most loved series by the audience on the channel Star Plus since its release.

The show started with Sumbul Touqeer Khan as Imlie and Fahmaan Khan as Aryan Singh Rathore.

This pairing made the show popular among the viewers with their wonderful chemistry.

However, with both Sumbul and Fahmaan leaving the cast of the show, Imlie took a generation leap with the story continuing with the two daughters of Imlie, Cheeni and Imlie II.

Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra are the present leads of Imlie 2 where the story revolves around the two daughters of Imlie and the love story between Imlie II and Atharv (Karan Vohra).

With Karishma already there as Imlie's daughter and another baby coming in, Imlie 2 will again have a generation leap with new leads getting introduced.

The promo of the new leap story is already out on the social media handles with Sai Ketan Rao and Adrija Ada Roy playing the leads this time.

The baby of Imlie II will grow up into an adult girl who will also have the name Imlie.

This new projection of the story with new actors playing new roles is sure to give a refreshing feel to the viewers with its aesthetics being the same as Imlie Season 1.

Imlie Season 3 Post Leap Serial New Cast, Actors Names With Photos

Adrija Roy as Imlie (Imlie and Atharva's Daughter)

Adrija Roy loves her character in Khullona - Times of India

Sai Ketan Rao as Agastya Upadhyay (Imlie III's Love Interest)

Sanjana Solanki

Imlie 3.0 Serial Story Plot

The plot of the serial Imlie after its second generational leap will revolve around the life of Imlie II and Atharv's baby girl who will grow up to be a singer in a bar.

Adrija Roy is playing the role of Imlie 3rd after Leap while Sai Ketan Rao will play the role of Agastya, a rich businessman who bumps into Imlie III after his car crashes down.

Agastya watches Imlie III singing in a bar and gets interested in her but Imlie has pride of her own and refuses to take any money when Agastya offers it to her.

Imlie tells Agastya that she is working to earn money but is not ready to sell her pride and self-respect to the others which leaves Agastya silent.

It will be interesting to watch their budding chemistry and how love blooms between Agastya and Imlie III with evil forces trying to separate them.

Let us see how the Imlie 3.0 version appeals to the hearts of the masses who have immensely grown to love the present Imlie II (played by Megha Chakraborty) and Atharva's story.

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