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Imlie: Spoiler alert! Two grooms, Two brides, Who is marrying Whom?

Imlie: Spoiler alert! Two grooms, Two brides, Who is marrying Whom?

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In the upcoming story of Imlie, brides Gudiya and Imlie are ready with Aryan and Aditya dressed as grooms.

Aditya is dressed up like a groom to wreck Imlie's wedding with Aryan while Gudiya is decked up to marry Aryan.

So far in the story of Imlie, Imlie wanted Gudiya to marry Aryan but she changed her mind later.

However, Neela and Gudiya locked Imlie in a room and are planning to get Gudiya married to Aryan.

Now in the story ahead of Imlie, Aditya couldn’t bear the pain anymore and schemes to marry Imlie.

Aditya is locked in the room while Imlie is lying atop the Mandap with her mouth plastered.

Aryan is dressed as the groom and Gudiya is dressed as a bride in the Mandap.

The nuptial circles around the fire have started but is it Aryan marrying Gudiya?

Or Aditya has escaped the locked room, and thinking that it is Imlie in the bridal dress in the Mandap, has Aditya replaced Aryan?

Let us see how Imlie stops the marriage when she can watch everything that is going on in the Mandap right below her.

It will be interesting to watch who will end up marrying whom.

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