Indian Idol 13 Elimination Today:  Eliminated Contestants This Week, Vote Out 2022

Indian Idol 13 Elimination Today: Eliminated Contestants This Week, Vote Out 2022

Indian Idol Season 13 Elimination: Season 2022 Eviction Process Today, This Week, Gold Coin Winner

Sony TV’s popular singing reality show, Indian Idol is back with its 13th season (Indian Idol 13) because of its massive demand.

The auditions for Indian Idol Season 2022 have already ended.

Indian Idol 13 show kicked off on 3 September 2022 on Sony TV and this article contains the elimination details to be followed in the new season.

The contestants selected will compete week after week and the eliminations/evictions of the contestant who will quit Indian Idol 13 will be based on the votes of the viewers and the marks given by judges.

The contestant who gets the lowest vote and the judge’s score combined will be eliminated and have to leave the show.

This year's Indian Idol has introduced a new rule where the judges will select a contestant at the end of each episode and give them golden coins for their performances. The contestant with the most golden coins added to the audience voting will qualify further in the competition.

The contestants with the least coins and voting will be eliminated.

Let's wait and see who gets eliminated (exits the show) and who gets to stay and continue their journey in the 13th season of Indian Idol 2022 and become the winner.

Indian Idol Season 13 2022 Elimination Today (List of Contestants Eliminated This Week)

On 25th March 2023, Senjuti Das gets eliminated.

On 19th March 2023, Rani Mukherjee comes to grace the Indian Idol 13 stage as no eviction happens.

On 18th March 2023, no eliminations take place.

On 12th March 2023, no eviction was caused between the competing contestants.

On 11th March 2023, no elimination happens as the Top 7 sings their heart out.

On 5th March 2023, Holi Special gets celebrated but no eviction takes place.

On 4th March 2023, no eliminations happen on Indian Idol 13.

On 26th February 2023, Navdeep Wadali gets eliminated. 

On 25th February 2023, Indian Idol 13 still awaits its Top 7 since no eliminations are there.

On 18-19th February 2023, no eviction happened.

On 12th February, no eliminations are to be held as viewers still have time to vote for their Top 7.

On 11th February 2023, no contestants get evicted as the Top 8 remain intact.

On 5th February 2023, Aditya Narayan announces that no elimination/eviction will be held this week.

On 4th February 2023, Deboshmita Roy gets one gold coin from Shehzade Actor, Kartik Aaryan.

On 29th January 2023, No eliminations are held.

On 15th January 2023, No eliminations take place in Indian Idol 13 with the top 8 being safe.

On 8th January 2023, Kavya Limaye and Vineet Singh get voted out in double eliminations making way for the top 8 in Indian Idol 13.

On 31st December 2022, No Eliminations are there in the competition.

On 25th December 2022, Chirag, Kavya, and Vineet come in the bottom 3 but no one gets eliminated due to the occasion of Christmas.

On 18th December 2022, No Eliminations are initiated in Indian Idol 13.

On 11th December 2022, Anushka Patra is eliminated from the competition.

On 4th December 2022, No Eliminations are announced for this weekend.

On 27th November 2022, Rupam Bharnahria got eliminated this weekend.

On 20th November 2022, No eliminations this weekend in Indian Idol 13.

On 13th November 2022, Sanchari, Chirag, and Kavya end up in the bottom 3 and Sanchari Sengupta gets eliminated.

On 6th November 2022, No eliminations this weekend in Indian Idol 2022.

On 30th October 2022, Pritam Roy gets evicted from Indian Idol 13.

On Indian Idol episodes of 15th and 16th October 2022, Chirag, Shagun, and Debosmita end up in the bottom three. Shagun gets eliminated from the competition.

On Indian Idol episodes 8th and 9th of October 2022, Kavya, Chirag, and Senjuti win the golden coins from the judges. No eliminations.

Indian Idol 13 Elimination, Top 15 Contestants Status, Number of Gold Coins Winner (2022)

S. No. Indian Idol 13 Contestant Names Elimination Status Gold Coin Status
1 Rishi Singh Competing  
2 Deboshmita Roy Competing 1 Gold Coin
3 Chirag Kotwal Competing  
4 Shivam Singh Competing  
5 Bidipta Chakraborty Competing  
6 Sonakshi Kar Competing  
7 Senjuti Das Eliminated 2 Gold Coins
8 Navdeep Wadali Eliminated 1 Gold Coin
9 Vinit Singh Eliminated  
10 Kavya Limaye Eliminated 1 Gold Coin
11 Anushka Patra Eliminated  
12 Rupam Bharnahria Eliminated  
13 Sanchari Sengupta Eliminated  
14 Pritam Roy  Eliminated  
15 Shagun Pathak Eliminated  

We will keep on updating the current and eliminated list of contestants in Indian Idol Season 13.

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