India's Best Dancer: Aman Shah's wild card performance

India's Best Dancer: Aman Shah's wild card performance

Indias Best Dancer Aman Shah wild card performance latest update:

Yesterday’s episode of Sony TV’s popular show, India’s Best Dancer was a part of wild card performance week.

An amazing dancer from Rishikesh, Aman Shah electrified the stage of India’s Best Dancer with his outstanding wild card performance.

According to the sources, Aman Shah is an aspiring dancer from Rishikesh. He cleared the auditions round of India’s Best Dancer but was rejected in the mega-auditions round.

In yesterday’s episode, all the judges complimented Aman Shah for his entertaining and energetic performance.

The talented dancers and the special guests of yesterday’s episode, Shakti Mohan and Raghav Juyal wished Aman Shah the best of luck for his future.


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