India's Got Talent 10 13th August 2023 Written Update, IGT Season 10 Episode 6, Anupam Kher Judge

India's Got Talent 10 13th August 2023 Written Update, IGT Season 10 Episode 6, Anupam Kher Judge

India's Got Talent Season 10 13th August 2023 Written Update, Selected Contestants/Team/Groups, Judges, Host, Promo, Voting, Watch latest IGT 10 full show online 6th episode, Cast, Next Guests today

India's Got Talent 10th Season 13th August 2023 Written Update

Today's IGT 10 starts with Anupam Kher coming on the stage while Arjun jokes about not recognising Anupam while Anupam shows him the stick for daring not to recognise him. 

Afterwards comes a group called Raga Fusion a band of friends that performs the fusion of classic and contemporary melodies. 

The beauty of the tunes and the melodious voice mesmerises the audience while the judges hold their breadth at the harmonious environment created by them as they sing “Albela Sajan Aayo Re”.

Such a beautiful performance deserves the only accolade and that is Gold Buzzer that Badshah pressed with tearful eyes.

Judges have nothing but praise for the band while Badshah calls it a flawless performance.

After that comes Mystery Mongers who are Mentalists who will be performing a dangerous and life-threatening act.

This father-daughter duo will perform a telepathy-based act where the father will be the sender of messages and Chetna will be the receiver of messages. 

The judges are hooked when Chetna identifies the object selected by the judges based on the father's messages.

Afterwards, the father tells the judges that he is going to put his life at stake to prove her daughter's talent by locking himself in a coffin. 

The judges raise curiosity in the judges but put them in awe of the act as well.

As Chetna tries to read the energy of the coffin’s energy judges sits with their hearts in their mouth. As the first box gets eliminated, the real risk is realised. 

However, Chetna’s telepathy comes through and she successfully eliminates all the empty boxes and wins a place in the next round. 

After the mysterious performance comes Farhan Sabir Live, a group of qawwals who present the beautiful Qawwali “Tumhein Dillagi Bhool Jani Padegi, Mohabbat Ki Rahon Mein Aaker To Dekho”.

The judges thoroughly enjoy the performance and express their comments in couplets and gives their unquestionable yes. 

After this comes Vivek Singhi who presents his acts using the deck of cards. This wonderful act entertains the judges as well as the audience and left them confused. 

Inspired by the wonderful performance, Anupam Kher shows a card trick of his own and made the audience applaud. 

The magical performance had all the judges intrigued and to increase in its intensity comes Dev Agrohi to presents a rap to explain the way of Aghori lifestyle.

Badshah loves the performance while Shilpa is speechless to see something so unique. 

After that comes the SSS Academy Nabadwip duo who presents a beautiful balancing act that is not only commendable but magnificent too. 

This episode is so wonderful and shows the calibre Indians have that makes India a great nation.

End of today's India's Got Talent S10 13th August 2023 written update.

India's Got Talent 10 13th August 2023 Episode Today, Latest Updates, New Promo:

The popular reality show India's Got Talent returns for its 10th season to demonstrate the talent of Indians. 

The recent promos of India's Got Talent Season 10 for this weekend (13 August 2023) show that Shilpa Shetty and Badshah missing Kirron Kher when they get Anupam Kher as the new judge of India Got Talent. 

Meanwhile, Arjun Bijlani suggests to Anupam Kher to wear a Saree to resemble Kirron while Anupam suggests that he take a hike. 

One of the other promos of, India's Got Talent 10 (13-08-2023) showcases Anupam, Shilpa, and Arjun dancing on the stage after which Shilpa tells Anupam Kher that he is fabulous. 

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