India's Got Talent 10 30th July 2023 Written Update, IGT Season 10 Episode 2

India's Got Talent 10 30th July 2023 Written Update, IGT Season 10 Episode 2

India's Got Talent Season 10 30th July 2023 Written Update, Selected Contestants/Team/Groups, Judges, Host, Promo, Voting, Watch latest IGT 10 full show online 2nd episode, Cast, Next Guests today

India's Got Talent 10th Season 30th July 2023 Written Update

Today's IGT 10 starts with the judges Kirron Kher, Baadshah, and Shilpa Shetty gracing the IGT10 stage.

The audition round begins with the first group coming to the stage consisting of 40 girls out of which one is physically disabled too.

The girls present a mesmerizing performance which leaves the audience and the judges both in awe.

Kirron Kher gives the Golden Buzzer to the group, namely, Beat Breakers Golden Girls, after their marvellous performance along with the beautiful compliments.

Next comes the AVP crew to their dancing talent but makes fun of themselves.

After getting 2 red buzzers, the three men reveal that their sons have come for their audition and they were just having fun.

Further on, the real AVP group comes on the stage and shows their dance moves on the song Binte Dil which impresses the judges.

The judges take their red buzzers back and select the AVP crew for further rounds.

Anjali Gaikward comes next and impresses the judges with her enchanting voice as she sings Aasha Bhonsle's Piya Baanware song.

The judges give IGT flag to Anjali after her performance.

Later on, the popular singers Aastha Gill and King come on IGT as fake contestants with their faces covered with masks.

After the prank, Baadshah introduces the two singers and they join them as guests.

The Zero-degree group comes on the stage to woo the judges with their dance moves.

The kids present a power-packed performance which earns them a Golden Buzzer from Kirron Kher.

Moving further, the Inspiring Dance family group comes with the talent of aerial dance in which they hang tying the string to their hair.

After the impressive performance, the host Arjun Bijlani comes to the judges' panel and presses Baadshah's Golden Buzzer.

Anurag from Rewari, Haryana, comes on the stage to show his magic tricks.

Samrat Anand comes on the stage with his muscular body, toned muscles and shows his dance moves on the item songs.

The judges select Samrat while having fun with him and his wife.

Afterward, King and Aastha entertain the audience with their singing and Baadshah also joins them on the stage.

End of today's 30th August 2023 IGT 10 written update.

India's Got Talent 10 30th July 2023 Episode Today, Latest Updates, New Promo:

Sony TV’s famous reality show, India's Got Talent is back with a 10th season to entertain the audience with the newfound talent that Indians have to offer. 

The Judges of the Show are Badshah, Shilpa Shetty, and Kiron Kher who are all set to be awed by upcoming talented artists that India Got Talent has to offer. 

The recent promos of India's Got Talent Season 10 for this weekend (30 July 2023) show yet another mesmerizing performance in store by the mirror maniacs that gives a new meaning to mirror images.

One of the other promos of, India's Got Talent 10 (30-07-2023) showcases Shilpa Shetty signaling an arrow in her heart to compliment the killing performance. 

Badshah is also seen telling the performers that they have outdone the international artists by several folds. 

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