India's Got Talent 10 6th August 2023 Written Update, IGT Season 10 Episode 4

India's Got Talent 10 6th August 2023 Written Update, IGT Season 10 Episode 4

India's Got Talent Season 10 6th August 2023 Written Update, Selected Contestants/Team/Groups, Judges, Host, Promo, Voting, Watch latest IGT 10 full show online 4th episode, Cast, Next Guests today

India's Got Talent 10th Season 6th August 2023 Written Update

Today's IGT 10 starts with the judges Baadshah, and Shilpa Shetty appearing on the stage and welcoming the representative from Guinness World Record Swapnil Dangarikar and Glenn Pollard.

It is announced that this episode will be dedicated to making the Guinness World record and two judges take their places on the stage.  

The audition round begins with the first group coming to the stage 'Faith In Nation' consisting of girls and boys who will be showcasing their Indonesian marshall art techniques to the world and might even make a record in the Guinness Book.

After getting yes from the judges, the judges from Guinness World Record tell them to break the record of The Highest Assistant Marshall Art Kick (Male) 4.3m and if they cross 14 feet and above it then it is done.
Faith in Action breaks this record and becomes by kicking it to 14ft 5 inches. 

Afterwards, 'Swami and Sons' come to present Yoga and will strive to make a record too. 

The judges get amazed to see the boy lift a weight of 2 Kg upside down and the other son lifted 50 Kg. 

However, the compelling scene was when a father not only lifted the weight of 70 kg but also balanced his sons over himself and only on two hands.

There leaves no choice for everyone to give them a standing ovation.

The next record ‘Heaviest Weight Record with mouth on Handstand’ was made by Vikas who lifted 80 Kg with his mouth which is one of the toughest records.  

Next comes Arshia Goswami a girl of eight years who lifted almost 50 kg of weight. 

She makes a new record by lifting a marble more than sixteen times as stipulated by judges. 

The next comes Dharmendra Rajbhar coconut wala who breaks the coconut with hips but gets red buzzers from both judges.  

Badshah pretends to be Kirron and roasts Dharmendra for doing something stupid. 

However, he was given the opportunity to break a record of “Most Smashed Green Coconut with the Head in a Minute” which he misses by three coconuts but Badshah tells him that he will one day definitely break this record and takes back his red buzzer and says yes to him and Shilpa Shetty follows suit. 

Afterwards comes Aditya Kodmur a card-throwing Marshall artist who wins the judge's heart with his card skills. 

Afterwards, he also makes the record for “The Most Card Thrown in the Watermelon in One Minute” which was 17 cards. 

Aditya manages to break this record and threw 18 cards.  

Afterwards comes Bhagwani Devi Dagar, the most amazing athlete of 95 years. 

Her zest for life is so inspiring that she has achieved so many gold medals at her age and is there to make a record of “Oldest Competitive Shot Putter” In the Guinness World Record

End of today's 6th August 2023 IGT 10 written update.

India's Got Talent 10 6th August 2023 Episode Today, Latest Updates, New Promo:

The popular reality show India's Got Talent returns for its 10th season to demonstrate the talent of Indians. 

The recent promos of India's Got Talent Season 10 for this weekend (6 August 2023) shows a martial arts crew named Faith In Action who perform the highest air kick to break the Guinness World Record.

Everyone including the judges stands on their toes to witness the shocking moment on the stage of IGT.

One of the other promos of, India's Got Talent 10 (06-08-2023) showcases a duo of a father and daughter who come to portray the magic of telepathy.

Magic Mongers makes the judges anxious as the father goes inside a random coffin and the girl guesses in which coffin her father is while being blindfolded.

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