India's Got Talent 9 12th March 2022, Episode 17, IGT 2022 Holi Spl This Week

India's Got Talent 9 12th March 2022, Episode 17, IGT 2022 Holi Spl This Week

India’s Got Talent 9 12th March 2022 Written Update, Episode 17, Holi Special, Latest IGT9, Week 9 of 2022, Top 11 Contestants

Sony TV's India’s Got Talent 9 (IGT 9) is entering its 9th week with its Top 11 contestants.

The recent promo of India’s Got Talent 2022 for this weekend (12-03-22) shows a teaser of the grand Holi celebration on the set of IGT9 with superstars, Govinda and Karishma Kapoor.

Govinda and Karishma Kapoor show their iconic chemistry on the stage of India’s Got Talent while contestants blast the stage with their powerful performances.

The new promo of India’s Got Talent for this weekend (12 March 2022) shows Govinda and Karishma Kapoor grooving with the Bombfire crew.

The dance performance by Bombfire sets fire on the stage with the judges getting hyped up seeing their energy and stunts.

Govinda praises the girls and expresses his amazement at seeing their bomb blasting performance.

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India’s Got Talent 9 12th March 2022 Episode Update Promo, Top 11 Contestants, Performances:

India's Got Talent 9 12th March 2022 Written Update:

Today’s India’s Got Talent 9 episode starts with the grand entry of Govinda and Karishma Kapoor wishing everyone a happy Holi.

The first performance is performed by Bad Salsa 2.0 who hit the stage with a swag of their salsa magic.

Following them, Demolition Crew rocks the stage with their dance and makes Govinda and Karishma groove with them on “UP wala thumka”.

The third act is performed by Ishita Vishwakarma and enchants the whole stage with her melodious voice.

The judges give Ishita a golden buzzer impressed by her singing on “Piya Tose” and “Hero No. 1”.

Badshah’s parents appreciate Ishita’s performance and gift her with sweets and colors.

Crazy Hoppers set fire on the stage with their grand tribute to Hanumanji which earns them a golden buzzer from the judges.

Govinda and Karishma highlight their chemistry with their duo performance on “Goriya Churana Mera Jiya”.

The third golden buzzer is earned by Krish and Shalini who stuns the judges with their blindfold aerial act.

Shalini’s grandfather comes to support her after understanding her immense talent.

The episode wraps up with the mind-aweing performance by B.S Reddy who again makes the judges speechless with his magic.

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