India's Got Talent 9 Winner 2022, IGT 9 Results, Prize Money Runner Up 1st 2nd

India's Got Talent 9 Winner 2022, IGT 9 Results, Prize Money Runner Up 1st 2nd

India's Got Talent (Season 9 2022) Grand Finale Results: Winner Name, Runner ups (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Place Names List)

IGT 9 (2022) Position

Name of the IGT 2022 contestant

IGT9 2022 Prize Money Details

India's Got Talent 9 Winner 2022 (1st Place)

Divyansh and Manuraj

20 Lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

IGT9 2022 1st Runner Up (2nd Place)

Ishita Vishwakarma

5 Lakhs

IGT Season 9 2nd Runner Up (3rd Place)

Bomb Fire

5 Lakhs

Season 9 IGT 2022 Third Runner Up (4th Place)



IGT 9 2022 4th Runner Up (5th Place)



India's Got Talent 9 5th Runner Up (6th Place)



India's Got Talent 9 winner prediction: IGT 9 Grand Finale, Results, Who wins India's Got Talent Season 9 of 2022? 

The winner of India's Got Talent 9 will be chosen by audience votes and judges’ scores which will be declared on the grand finale of India’s Got Talent 9 on 17th April 2022.

One of the most consistent contestants of the IGT9 journey, Divyansh & Manuraj has gained the most attention from the judges and audience.

Getting the golden buzzer every week, Divyansh and Manuraj have proved that it does not require doing dangerous stunts only to prove oneself in IGT.

This unique duo has succeeded in exceeding the expectations of the judges with each of their performances by mixing their styles.

Divyansh and Manuraj have gained huge popularity for their unique and amazing blend of beatboxing and flute.

Ishita Vishwakarma also has a chance of winning the title of India’s Got Talent 9 as she has won several hearts with her mesmerizing voice.

Ishita also got the chance to be the voice in Kangana Ranawat’s upcoming film "Sita" owing to her vocal talent.

While the discussion continues in the vocal domain, another contestant who has become the finalist for his singing talent is Rishabh Chaturvedi.

Rishabh has shown the qualities of a true entertainer with his soulful voice while getting respected and complimented by the judges and guests for his singing.

With the fate of the winner hanging upon the votes of the audience, Rishabh Chaturvedi is also a rightful claimer to the title of winner.

Warrior Squad is also an important competitor in the battle of the winner of India's Got talent 2022 with their mind-blowing stunts and daring acts.

Warrior Squad has been already invited on the stages of America's Got Talent to perform which has boosted their national and international popularity even more.

Bomb fire group has its own unique style of presentation integrating hardcore dance and gymnastics.

Being an all-girl group, Bomb fire has proved that they are not behind in anything compared to the boys.

Finally, the last group to make it into the finals, Demolition Crew, is known for its excellent formations and high jumps during stunts.

Demolition Crew also has an immense fan following on social media which might affect their positions making them a worthy contender.

Last but not the least, B.S Reddy is the first contestant to make it to the IGT finals through his talent for magic.

B.S Reddy's magic makes us question reality and forces us to believe that magic actually exists.

The main competition will be between Divyansh & Manuraj and Ishita Vishwakarma and the suspense will eventually end on IGT 9 finale day on 17th April 2022.

We anticipate, "Divyansh and Manuraj are the winners of India's Got Talent 9".

We wish all the finalists the best of luck from our side for competing and winning the title of winner in India's Got Talent 9.

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