India's Laughter Champion 27th August 2022 ILC 2022 Grand Finale Winner

India's Laughter Champion 27th August 2022 ILC 2022 Grand Finale Winner

India’s Laughter Champion 27th August 2022, 28th August 2022 Written Update, Promo: Download ILC Finale Episode, New Guests This week, Comedians Today, Grand Finale Title Holder, Runner Up, Prize Money:

Sony TV’s India’s Laughter Champion is hosting its grand finale on 27th August 2022 at 9.30 PM.

The top five finalists will give their best performance to win the title of India’s Laughter Champion.

This week Ananya Pandey and Vijay Deverkonda will join the judges as guests.

India's Laughter Champion Winner, ILC 2022 Grand Finale Results, Runner Up, Prize Money

Sunil Grover will entertain the audience as Rinku Bhabi.

Recent India’s Laughter Champion promo for this weekend (27 August 2022) shows Nitesh Shetty jokingly informing everyone about Indian street speed breakers and telling how the bikers can easily drive past the speed breakers.

One of the other promos of India’s Laughter Champion shows Himanshu Bawander narrating a story of a bank employer and his wife.

He tells everyone that when the bank employer’s wife asks him to behave romantically with her, he informs her that his software is down for today.,

Hearing this, the wife replies to fix the server soon otherwise she will go to counter no.4.

Another promo for ILC this week (27-08-2022) represents, Rinku Bhabi performing on her iconic song  “Hamare Pati humse Pyar Nhai Karte”.

After that, she starts flirting with every comedian, their family members, and Vijay.

Meanwhile, Vignesh Pande asks his anna doll to think of the connection between him and Ananya as they both have the same surname.

However, anna doll suggests to Vignesh that it means Ananaya is his little sister.

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India’s Laughter Champion 27th August 2022 Grand Finale Episode Promo:

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