IPL 2022 TRP Rating: Will the new teams & pattern increase IPL 15 viewerships?

IPL 2022 TRP Rating: Will the new teams & pattern increase IPL 15 viewerships?

IPL 15 TRP Rating: TATA Indian Premier League Season 2022 Rankings

The start of every IPL season has always perplexed the television industry.

The maximum percentage of the audience sticks to their television sets to watch the game of IPL which results in drastic changes in the TRP of other serials and shows for a long time.

However, Hotstar being an alternative to watching live IPL has reduced the pressure on TV shows/serials.

In the previous season IPL 2021, there was a decrease in the viewership of the matches after the completion of the first 29 matches.

Most probably this reduction is hoped to be overpowered with the new season which has brought various changes in the game pattern.

The addition of two new teams making IPL a 10-team tournament and the pattern of groups similar to the Men's ICC World Cup will surely excite the audience.

The thrilling experience IPL offers is craved by cricket fans.

Every season of IPL has brought the spotlight on it with the performances of every player.

Out of all 8 teams until the previous season, the matches of Mumbai Indians have been bringing the highest views to IPL.

The second team on this list is Captain Cool M.S. Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings.

These two teams have the highest number of fans followed by Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Within the period of approximately two and a quarter months, IPL 2021 had managed to stay at the top of the TRP list for straight 3 weeks.

The first week of IPL 2022 couldn't make up for the reduction of the previous season instead it further went down by 33%.

IPL season 15 TRP for the first week was 2.52 with 22 crore people watching it on television.

According to the viewers, the drastic changes in the teams that separated most appreciated partnerships, bowling lineups, and a few other things are the reason the audience is not connecting with the new members of the team eventually dropping the viewership.

In spite of all these changes, the thing that hasn't changed in this season is the fan following of particular teams.

From the start of IPL 2022, the viewing rate of all the matches kept fluctuating.

However, the TRP stays around 3 when one of the teams in the match is CSK (Chennai Super Kings), MI (Mumbai Indians), and RCB (Royal Challengers Banglore).

Let us see how will TATA IPL 2022 perform with a number of brand new changes in the year 2022.

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