Ishmart Jodi 2 19th March 2022, 20th March 2022, Reel vs Real Couple This Week

Ishmart Jodi 2 19th March 2022, 20th March 2022, Reel vs Real Couple This Week

Ishmart Jodi 2 19th March 2022, 20th March 2022 Written Update: Ishmart Jodi Hotstar Full Show This Week Episode, Best Ishmart Jodi Omkar with Real Couple, Season 2 Episodes 22, 23

Ohmkar's Ishmart Jodi is Star Maa's popular reality show featuring predominant Telugu soap opera actors and comedians.

Ishmart Jodi 2 was not aired on 12th March 2022, 13th March 2022 last week disappointing its loyal viewers. Fans surely missed Ohmkar's narrative about participants' heartwarming and challenging moments of their life.

According to the recent promo of Ishmart Jodi 2 (19.03.2022, 20.03.2022), the theme for the weekend is about Reel couples Vs Real couples, where the romantic and sizzling chemistry between the couples can be seen.

As per the new promo Ismart Jodi 2, the first performance is performed by Nikhil and Kavya raising the heat of romance through their dance. Kavya gets on her knees and comically proposes to Nikhil.

Following them, Baba Bhaskar and Revathi pedals cycle and performs their tasks by joking about each other with their satire and spreading laughter.

Later, Adhi and Bhanu set the stage on fire with their erotic and sensual performance swaying to the melody of "Baguntundi Nuvvu Navvithe". He compliments her mole and plays a starring game.

The fourth act is performed by Rishi and Vasu where they rock the stage with their moves shaking their leg to the beats of the mass song "Atta Chudake".

As per the trending promo of Ismarat Jody 2 (19 March 2022, 20 March 2022), Ohmkar and Baba Bhaskar ask Rishi to propose Vasu. Vasu stops him from his funny proposal and accepts the rose right away. 

Amidst the show, the host Ohmkar narrates how Keerthi overcame her coma and learned that everyone in her family had died in the accident and she was the only survivor.

The contestants share their emotional past and offer their shoulders to partners to lean on.

Ismart Jody Season 2 show is back fully packed with fun, satire, and loads of romance to entertain the viewers to make up for last week's absence. 

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Ishmart Jodi 2 19th March 2022, 20th March 2022 Latest Trending Promo:

Ishmart Jodi 2 19th March 2022 Written Update:

Today's Ishmart Jodi Season 2 19th March 2022 episode starts with Ohmkar welcoming small screen star Nikhil and Kavya(Reel Jodi) from the serial “Gorantaku”. They perform the task of cycling against Baba Bhaskar and Revathi(Real couple).

Revathi accidentally pushes the vase and loses the game. Nikhil and Revathi enter the Final level competition.

The second reel couple, Pritham and Pallavi played against Sireesha and Naveen(A real couple). They perform a blindfolded banana-eating task.

With a lot of difficulty and fouls, Sireesha and Naveen win the task.

Following them, Mahesh and Keerthi make an entry with an intimate and superheated dance performance. They compete against Kaushal and Neelima(A real couple).

However, Mahesh and Keerthi win the task of a lemon spoon and rose.

The fourth reel couple, Rishi and Vasu(reel couple) enters with their dynamic performance. They compete against Maheshwari and Shivanath(real couple).

The task is about enacting the given situation.

Shivanath acts remarkably well by making everyone go through emotional turmoil.

Maheshwari and Shivanath win the task by gaining everyone’s votes.

Later, Ohmkar invites every Jodi who won the task to the stage for performing the final task.

The final task is to extract the lime juice from the lemon with their bare hands and mouth.

Maheshwari and Shivanath(real Jodi) win the title of Ishmart Jodi Season 2.

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