Ismart Jodi Winner, Runner up, Prize Money, Season 1 Grand Finale, 2022 Finalists Names

Ismart Jodi Winner, Runner up, Prize Money, Season 1 Grand Finale, 2022 Finalists Names

Ismart Jodi Winner Name: Season 1 2022 Grand Finale Results on 31 July 2022, Star Jalsha Show Finale Jodis, Runner Up (1st, 2nd 3rd Places Names List)

Ismart Jodi 1 Grand Finale Positions 

Ismart Jodi Season 1 Contestants' Names

Ismart Jodi 2022 Prize Money Details

Ismart Jodi Winner 2022 (1st Place)

Sourabh - Sushmita 1 Lakh Rupees, A Diamond Necklace

Ismart Jodi 2022 1st Runner Up (2nd Place)

Anik - Devolina N/A

Ismart Jodi Season 1 2nd Runner Up (3rd Place)

Raja - Madhubani Viewers Favourite Award

Ismart Jodi 2022 Winner Prediction: Ismart Jodi Grand Finale, who wins Smart Jodi Season 1?

Premiered on 26th March 2022, Jeet hosted Ismart Jodi has reached its grand finale. The grand finale will air on Star Jalsha on 31st July 2022.

As this is a tasked based show and so far, the eliminations are conducted based on scores of the tasks, it is expected that the finalists will have to face another round of difficult tasks to be named the Ismart Jodi of the season. 

The contestants have been competing with their "all" throughout the first season of Ismart Jodi.

However, many couples got eliminated from this journey and had to leave the show.

Ismart Jodi is also known for its twist and might come up with some new options to finally decide the winners.

As far as the question of Ismart Jodi's Winner is concerned, let us look at the strong contestants that have more chances of winning the finale than other Ismart Jodi.

The couples who will ascend to the grand finale are:

Raja-Madhubani, Bharat-Jayashree, Sushmita-Sourav, Pritha-Sudeep with Rajeev-Mohini, Prantik-Ankitaa joining them as wildcard entries.

The winner selection will be totally based on the performances of the couples in the given tasks.

The expectation of the winner has kept the audience glued to the TV every week to finally see their favorite Jodi becoming the Best Jodi of the week. 

Raja and Madhubani are quite popular among the viewers, So, "We predict that Raja and Madhubani are the winners of Ismart Jodi Season 1".

We wish every contestant our best regards for the grand finale of Ismart Jodi.

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