Jabardast Show Cast, Wiki, Actors with Photos, Guest Judge ETV Telugu Episodes

Jabardast Show Cast, Wiki, Actors with Photos, Guest Judge ETV Telugu Episodes

Jabardast Show ETV Telugu Wiki/Wikipedia, Start-End Date, Anchor, Actors, Timings, Written Update, TRP ratings, Review, Hit or Flop, Winner Team This Week

Jabardast is a Telugu language comedy show which is directed by Sanjeev K Kumar and later directed by Sanjeev's associates. The show is produced by Mallemala Entertainments.

The first episode of the show was broadcasted on 7th February 2013 on the ETV Telugu channel. The show has run over 400 episodes which were shot at Annapurna Studios, Telangana.

The show was hosted by Anasuya Bharadwaj and later by Rashmi Gautam. The judges of the show were Naga Babu and Roja but later in 2019 Naga Babu left the show.

Presently, Roja and Aamani are the judges. Predominant actors, dance masters and other well-known artists appear as the guest judges at times.

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Jabardast Show ETV Telugu Details:

Name of the show


Name of the show in Telugu


Original Language



Comedy show


Govada Manikanta


Naga Babu (2013 – 2019)

Roja (2013 – present)



Mallemala Production

Production Company

Mallemala Entertainment

Production location

Annapurna Studios, Hyderabad

Duration of the show

60 minutes


Ramoji Group

Original network

ETV Network (ETV Telugu)

Picture format

HDTV 720p

Release date

7 February 2013

End Date


Telecast timings

9:30 – 10:30

Telecast Days


No. of episodes


Related shows

Extra Jabardast

Jabardast Show ETV Telugu Teams:

Hyper Aadi and Raising Raju

Venkey Monkey and Thagubothu Ramesh 

Rocket Raghava 

Adhire Abhi

Chalak Chanti and Sunami Sudhakar 

Jabardast Show Concept and Format:

Jabardast is a comedy show which is popular among south Indian audiences. The humour and satire of the contestants never fail to tickle the thoughts of the viewers.

The show contains five teams that perform the comical skit to which the judges give their points and praise the best skit last by awarding the prize money of INR 25000.

However, the show is also said to be indulged in a lot of controversies due to the problematic content in the skit.

Jabardast show TRP ratings:

The Jabardast show has never once compromised in the TRP ratings and topped the charts all the time.

According to the recent TRP ratings, it has scored 4.78 and topped the charts by acquiring fourth place.

The show has a wide range of fan bases with devoted viewers for the comedy and the punch line thrown in the show.

Let us see how the show comes up with a variety of different concepts of skits and entertain their faithful onlookers and at the same time tops the TRP charts.

Jabardast show Judges, Anchor, and contestants’ photos:



Rashmi Gautam

Sudigaali Sudheer

Hyper Aadi

Chalak Chanti

Sunami Sudhakar

Rocket Raghava

Thagubothu Ramesh

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Where can I watch the Jabardhast show?

A. You can watch the Jabardast show on the ETV Telugu channel.

Q. Can I stream the Jabardasth show online?

A. Yes one can stream the show Jabardast online on YouTube.

Q. Who are the current Judges of the Jabardast show?

A. Roja and Aamani are the judges of the show.

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