Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi Wiki, Story, Cast, Actor List with Photos

Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi Wiki, Story, Cast, Actor List with Photos

Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi (JAPKDA) Wiki/Wikipedia/Review:

Sony TV is here with a brand-new show called Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Doshti Anokhi (Jagannath & Poorvi’s unique friendship).

The show will soon be on air at the start of February 2022.

Jagannath Aur Purvi Ki Dosti Anokhi portrays the parents' lonely life after their children leave them.

But a girl named Poorvi sparks magic in the sad and distressing life of the elderly couple.

The lead characters of Jagannath and Poorvi are played by Rajendra Gupta and Ismeet Kohli respectively.

Here is the detailed description of Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi serial latest gossips, upcoming twists, upcoming story and new spoilers, TRP rating, written update, and more.

Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi (JAPKDA)on Sony TV Details


Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi(JAPKDA)

Name of the serial in Hindi

जगन्नाथ और पूर्वी की दोस्ती अनोखी

Also known as

Dosti Anokhi


Family Drama

Dosti Anokhi Start date (Release Date)

7th February 2022

Dosti Anokhi End Date


Telecast days


Telecast time

9:30 PM


Sony TV

OTT Platform




Production House

Katha Kottage Productions


Rajita Sharma

Vivek Budakoti

Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi (JAPKDA) Cast, Roles, Actors Name List With Photos

Dosti Anokhi Cast Real Name

Dosti Anokhi Cast Role Name

Dosti Anokhi Cast Actor Images/ Pictures

Rajendra Gupta

Jagannath Mishra

Ismeet Kohli


Sushmita Mukherjee

Jagannath Mishra’s wife


Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi (JAPKDA)Serial Story & Plot

Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi’s story is a heartwarming friendship between two completely different people, Jagannath and Poorvi.

Jagannath is an old man who lives alone with his wife in Varanasi. He is a very strict and frightening person for the kids who live there.

Jagannath spends his time alone after his children left him and his house to live separately.

He has been hurting all these years thinking about his children’s absence but never lets it show on the outside, pretending to be strict and intimidating.

Jagannath’s wife stays with him and is his last companion to spend time and talk with.

But his life takes a turn when he jumps to save a drowning girl in the river.

Poorvi comes into the old couple's lonely life, sparking the magic of a new relationship with them.

The story revolves around the budding unique friendship between the young girl, Poorvi, and the senior citizen, Jagannath.

Jagannath Aur Poorvi Ki Dosti Anokhi (JAPKDA) Promo, Teaser, Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where can I watch Dosti Anokhi serial?

A. You can watch the Dosti Anokhi serial on the channel Sony TV and online on the OTT platform Sony Liv.

Q. When will Dosti Anokhi serial start?

A. It is starting from 7th February 2022 at 9:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

QWho are the lead roles in Dosti Anokhi?

A. The lead roles of the show are Jagannath Mishra (Rajendra Gupta), Poorvi (Ismeet Kohli) & Jagannath’s wife (Sushmita Mukherjee).

Q. Which show is being replaced by the Dosti Anokhi serial?

A. Dosti Anokhi will replace the show Shark Tank India currently airing on Sony TV.

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