Jhanak Serial TRP Ratings, Kashmir Setting Sets a Scenic Mood

Jhanak Serial TRP Ratings, Kashmir Setting Sets a Scenic Mood

Jhanak on Star Plus TRP Ratings:

Jhanak is a newly launched serial streaming on Star Plus, released on 20th November 2023.

The promo of the serial Jhanak is very alluring and promises a fresh storyline with Krushal Ahuja, aka Anirudh, married to Chandani Sharma, aka Arshi, and enjoying marital bliss. 

However, Hiba Nawab aka Jhanak, a passionate Kathak dancer, is a mere employee in Krushal Ahuja's home. 

The TRP of the show seems to be promising as Krushal Ahuja and Hiba Nawab promise to be a sizzling couple. 

Jhanak's passion for dancing will land her in huge trouble and bring her to work for Anirudh but also shows some past relationships of which neither seems to be aware yet. 

According to the upcoming twist of the show, Anirudh will help Jhanak to participate in a dancing competition while Arshi feels jealous to see his interest in her. 

Further, Jhanak has replaced Yeh Hai Chahatein and occupied the 10:30 PM time slot.

Let us watch the upcoming episodes of Jhanak to find out the mystery behind Anirudh and Jhanak's relationship and the animosity they share between them.

Let us see how Jhanak performs on the TRP scale in its opening week TRP ratings with a time slot of 10:30 PM.

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