Kaatelal And Sons Wiki, Story, Serial Cast, Promo, Start & End Dates, Review

Kaatelal And Sons Wiki, Story, Serial Cast, Promo, Start & End Dates, Review

Kaatelal And Sons SAB TV serial Wiki/Wikipedia/Review:

Kaatelal & Sons is an interesting serial on SAB TV that brings a concept based on patriarchal traditions.

The release date (start date) Kaatelal And Sons serial on the channel on 16th November 2020.

About Kaatelal And Sons' cast, actresses Megha Chakraborty and Jiya Shankar play the lead twin sisters in the serial.

The story of Kaatelal And Sons is based on the life of twin sisters Garima and Susheela who are forbidden to work at their ancestral salon, Kaatelal & Sons.

Garima and Susheela are talented but their father Dharampal doesn’t let them work at the salon as no women are allowed in Haathi Bazaar.

Here in this article, we are sharing the information about the entire cast and crew, upcoming story, latest gossips, new spoilers, and future twists of the Kaatelal And Sons serial.

Kaatelal And Sons Serial Details

Serial name

Kaatelal And Sons (Kaatelal & Sons)


Daily Soap/Drama/Serials/Series

Kaatelal And Sons Start Date (release date)

20th November 2020

Telecast Days


Kaatelal And Sons Telecast Timings

7:30 pm to 8:00 pm



OTT Platform




Kaatelal And Sons serial Crew/Team members


Abhimanyu Singh
Rupali Singh

Kaatelal And Sons No. of Seasons 


Production Company (s) 

Contiloe Entertainment

SAB TV Kaatelal And Sons Entire Cast, All Roles, Full Real/Character Names, Lead Actors, Main Actresses, Male/Female Roles

Real Name

Kaatelal And Sons Character Name and Role Name Played

Megha Chakraborty

Garima Kaatelal Ruhail

Jiya Shankar

Susheela Kaatelal Ruhail

Ashok Lokhande

Dharampal Kaatelal Ruhail- Garima & Susheela’s father

Sachin Choudhary

Putrapaal- Dharampal’s nephew

Sahil Phull

Inspector Agni Rajawat- Garima’s love interest

Paras Arora

Pramod Chautala- Susheela’s love interest

Hemaakshi Ujjain

Kusum Ruhail- Dharampal’s wife

Manoj Goyal

Shishupal Kaatelal Ruhail- Dharampal’s brother

Swati Tarar

Chanchal Ruhail- Shishupal’s wife

Meena Mir

Komal Devi- Agni’s mother

Kaatelal And Sons Serial Story/Promo/Updates/Review/Latest News

Kaatelal And Sons is the drama serial on SAB TV that revolves around the story of twin sisters, Garima and Susheela.

Kaatelal & Sons' story is based on Garima and Susheela’s struggle to take over their family business of salon despite being talented.

Garima and Susheela are not allowed to run the business as no women are allowed in the Haathi Bazaar where their salon is located.

Based on the reviews of the Kaatelal And Sons serial, Garima is all set to get married to Agni whose mother has orthodox thinking.

Also, based on the promos of the Kaatelal & Sons serial, Komal (Agni’s mother) wants Garima to be a housewife after marriage.

As per the reviews, Kaatelal And Sons serial is not a hit (flop/miss) serial and performs very poorly in the TRP ratings recently.

Let’s see what twists the story brings in the upcoming Kaatelal And Sons serial (काटेलाल एन्ड सन्स सीरियल in Hindi) future episodes.

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