Khatron Ke Khiladi: 4th September 2021, 5th September 2021, Season 11 Today

Khatron Ke Khiladi: 4th September 2021, 5th September 2021, Season 11 Today

Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 4th September 2021, 5th September 2021 Episode Updates:

Colors TV's Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 (KKK 11) is entertaining the audience this weekend with engaging stunts which will be performed by the contestants.

Khatron Ke Khiladi's 11 (KKK11) recent promos for this weekend (04-09-2021, 05-09-2021) episode shows the host Rohit Shetty informing the contestants that all of them are nominated this week and that they all will have to do tasks in which the winners will become safe as their Fear Fanda will be removed.

Khatron K Khiladi 2021 latest promo shows Rohit Shetty informing everyone that for the first stunt, they all will have to sit in the tear gas chamber all the last two contestants to exit will be the winners.

The second promo of KKK11 for this weekend's (4 September 2021, 5 September 2021) episode shows the contestants sitting in the tear gas chamber and trying to withstand the gas and at last, Vishal Singh and Sana Mukbal win the task.

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Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 4th September 2021, 5th September 2021 (KKK 11) Episode Promo:

Khatron Ke Khiladi 4th September 2021 Written Update (KKK 11):

Today's Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 (KKK 11) 4th September 2021 starts with Rohit Shetty welcoming everyone and telling them that this will be a Ticket To Finale Week. Rohit Shetty also surprises everyone by telling that there will be no elimination this week.

Further, Rohit Shetty makes all the contestants play a game before the stunts.

Now, the first stunt is that a contestant will be lying on a Human Slingshot and once the stunt starts, the contestant will be thrown to a hanging net. The contestant has to grab the net and remove-and-hook 7 flags attached to the net.

The stunt is performed head-to-head by Rahul-Vishal and Divyanka-Sana. Vishal and Divyanka take all the flags and win the stunt.

Before the next stunt, Rohit Shetty tells Shweta to sit on a chair balanced with threads and asks her some questions. As she answers all the questions wrongly, the threads are cut off and she falls into the water.

The second stunt is an underwater stunt. The contestants will be released into the water with weights tied on their legs. Underwater, they have to unlock themselves then release 2 flags kept there. They have to swim to the other end of the pool and ring a bell placed there.

Similar to the previous one this also will be a head-to-head stunt by Abhinav-Varun and Arjun-Shweta. Abhinav and Varun abort the stunt in the first attempt. Rohit Shetty allows them for a second attempt where Abhinav completes the stunt. Arjun and Shweta go next and Arjun successfully does the stunt.

For the last stunt, there will be a partner stunt, Rahul-Varun, and Sana-Shweta. The contestants will enter the crocodile's cage and each contestant has to remove 5 flags tied on the crocodiles. Further, one of the contestants has to pick up the crocodile with the red flag on it and transfer it to another cage.

Both the pairs complete the stunt successfully. Sana-Shweta lose to Rahul-Varun by 8 seconds.

Tomorrow, Rahul and Varun will continue the Ticket To Finale race with Abhinav, Arjun, Divyanka, and Vishal.

End of today's Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 (4 September 2021) written update.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 5th September 2021 Written Update (KKK 11):

Today's Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 (KKK 11) 5th September 2021 starts with Rohit Shetty reminding everyone that this will be a Ticket To Finale Week.

Further, Arjun and Vishal play a game where they troll each other for fun.

Now, the first stunt is a partner stunt and whichever pair takes maximum time will be out of the race of Ticket To Finale. The stunt is, a first partner will be hanging on a crane with its arm on water and will start moving ahead. The first partner will release the arm of the crane, dive into the water and swim towards the ladder.

Further, the first partner has to light up the flare and the second partner will be fired into the water. The second partner now has to swim towards a circular boat and climb on it to press a button which will emit smoke.

The stunt will be performed by everyone. The partner pairs are Varun-Rahul, Divyanka-Abhinav, and Vishal-Arjun.

All the pairs performed well. Vishal and Arjun are out of the race as they take the maximum time to complete the stunt.

The second stunt is also a partner stunt. The stunt will start with both partners sitting in a car. One of the partners has to get the key from the truck and unlock the steering of the car. Once this is done, the car and truck both will start moving. There are 10 flags each on both sides of the crane. The partner driving the car has to remove the flags by the car. The stunt will fail if the car flips.

Rohit Shetty gives a task to Shweta and Vishal. Vishal wins the task and the pair he was supporting, Abhinav-Varun gets an advantage of deciding who will go first. They decide to go after Rahul and Divyanka.

Rahul and Divyanka get 13 flags but then their car flips. Abhinav and Varun lose the stunt as they were able to remove only 10 flags before reaching the finish point.

In the final stunt for Ticket To Finale, Rahul and Divyanka will fight against each other to win the stunt.

For the stunt, both the contestants will be standing on a bus. The contestants have to come down using the ladder. They will have to pull down dummies and place them near a car. They'll have to open the bonnet of the car and get the handle of the detonator. Further, they'll push the handle of the detonator and blast the bus. The contestant who fires the detonator first will get the Ticket To Finale.
Divyanka completes the task and wins the Ticket To Finale.

Later, Rohit Shetty tells the contestants that now they'll be starting with the semi-final week. He also tells them that there will be double elimination.

Further, Arjun, Sana, and Vishal will be doing the first stunt where the contestant will be going into a tunnel. There will be air pockets where the contestant can come up to breathe. At the 3rd and 5th air pockets, there is a fence and cutter to cut the fence.

Vishal goes first and gets scared seeing darkness inside the tunnel. Rohit Shetty, Shweta, and Divyanka try to convince him to start the stunt.

Today's Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 (5th September 2021) stops at this point.

End of today's Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 (28 August 2021) written update.

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