Koffee with Karan 7 25th August 2022, Episode 8, Shahid Kapoor & Kiara Advani

Koffee with Karan 7 25th August 2022, Episode 8, Shahid Kapoor & Kiara Advani

Koffee with Karan 7 25th August 2022, Episode 8 Written Update, Next Guests Today, KWK7 Promo, Karan Johar, Shahid Kapoor, and Kiara Advani, KWK 7 Controversies, Watch/Download Online Full Show This Week on Disney+Hotstar, KWK Season 7 at 12 AM

This week, Karan Johar will welcome the Kabir Singh co-stars Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani.

Koffee with Karan 7, this week (25th August 2022) starts with Karan welcoming Shahid and Kiara on his show as perfect friends with looks and talent.

Karan asks Shahid which is the most remarkable part of his body to which Shahid says that he cannot show it on camera on the show.

Hearing this, Karan and Kiara both give a stunning look to Shahid.

The recent promo for Koffee with Karan 7 (25-08-2022) shows Karan asking Kiara what Shahid calls her.

Kiara answers that Shahid calls her "Preetiiiiiiii" in a hilarious manner.

As the topic of Siddharth Malhotra comes up, Kiara admits that she and Sid are "close friends".

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Koffee With Karan 7 25th August 2022, Episode 8 Promo:

Koffee With Karan 7 25th August 2022 Written Update:

Today’s Koffee with Karan 7 starts with Karan declaring that he is done with romance and is determined to make an action movie next. Karan introduces Kiara Advani and Shahid Kapoor by complimenting their looks, talent, and chemistry in their recent movie together “Kabir Singh” which was tagged as a bit problematic.

Kiara Advani shows her excitement about being able to come on Koffee with Karan for the first time and says that “she has finally made it”.

Karan says that despite Kabir Singh turning into a scandalous issue after its release, he loved every bit of it and asks both Kiara and Shahid how they received the audiences’ opinions about the movie.

Kiara says that she considers Kabir Singh as a turning point in her life as that movie made her known to the public as “Preeti” and she was pretty lost when people criticized the movie for being problematic on certain issues.

Shahid says that he, as an actor, felt very emotionally attached to Kabir and thought from his point of view. According to Shahid, he does not have an obligation to always choose conventionally “perfect” characters and thinks that the audience is mature enough to see the movie as a story.

Throwing Kiara out of the track, Karan asks if her relationship with Siddharth Malhotra is different from the one depicted in Kabir Singh.

Kiara answers that it is of course different from the one shown in Kabir Singh but does not lower her guard in admitting anything about her and Siddharth’s relationship.

Kiara shares her first encounter with Siddharth Malhotra which took place during the wrap party of Lust Stories.

As Karan compliments Shahid for marrying Meera Rajput who is someone out of the industry, Shahid says that marriage can never be a conscious decision.

Shahid shares his experience of being in a marriage and passes the torch to Kiara for her to answer if she is ready to be in marriage soon. Kiara says that she sees marriage in her life but will not reveal it on KWK.

As Jersey did not work out at the box office on its release, Shahid shares his feelings on it and says that the environment and situation were not in their favor so things did not go as planned.

While playing the bingo game, Kiara reveals that she had bitchslapped Shahid on his head once because he made her wait on the sets to discuss his shoes for the scene.

Kiara tells Karan and Shahid about one of her most embarrassing moments when she hugged Sujoy Ghosh at a party after misunderstanding his gesture.

Shahid reveals that he has done role plays during sex and had recently cringed after watching his performance in Batti Gul Meter Chalu.

In the rapid-fire round, Kiara reveals that Shahid has been one of her closest friends whom she can turn up to anytime.

On being asked about what is the sexiest part of him, Shahid Kapoor says that it cannot be shown on camera.

Kiara wins the rapid-fire round by getting 57% votes while Shahid receives 43%.

Karan and Shahid announce that they will be performing “Dola Re Dola” at Kiara’s wedding.

With a lot of chaos, Shahid wins the quiz round while Kiara faces defeat.

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