Koffee With Karan 8 9th November 2023, KWK Episode 3, Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Panday Today

Koffee With Karan 8 9th November 2023, KWK Episode 3, Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Panday Today

Koffee with Karan 8 9th November 2023, Episode 3 Written Update, Telecast Date, Time, Next Guests Today, KWK8 Promo, Karan Johar, Ananya Pandey Sara Ali Khan, Watch/Download Online Full Show This Week on Disney+Hotstar, KWK 8 Controversies/Gossips

Koffee With Karan 8 9th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 3

Karan welcomes the audience to another episode of KKK.

He says that he is very glad to welcome the newly certified best friends of B-Town, Ananya Pandey and Sara Ali Khan.

Karan tells the audience that the common factor between the two besties in town is their X-factor which means that they go completely bonkers if they are left on their own. 

Sara and Ananya tell Karan that they have started working out together. 

Sarah Blows The Whistle!

Karan turns his well-targeted question to Ananya about Aditya Roy Kapoor and her relationship with him. 

After poking and prodding for an answer from Ananya, Karan turns his guns on Sara asking about Shubman Gill but Sara denies any relation other than sharing a mutual friend. 

However, Sara hinted that he is dating someone named Sara. 

Karan asks them how they manage to be cool to each other despite having the same ex-boyfriend.

Sara tells them that they are not permanent predicaments in friendship and one has to rise above all this. 

Karan shares how he and Kajol made up despite not talking to each other for two years as he wanted to share his children's picture with her right away when they were born. 

Ananya and Sara Are More Than Their Look

Moving on, Karan asks Sara about her comment in 2019 about making mistakes while he asks Ananya how she deal with the criticism she received over the years. 

Ananya tells him how tough it is for everyone in their industry and that she has started working for respect along with all the love she gets.

On being asked if she is not forgiven for some of her old statements, Ananya talks about the static mindset of people and hopes that they will see her as the kind of person she has become.

Karan asks Sara about her fantastic entry into Bollywood and how it is not the same in a few of her recent works. 

Sara replies that she is surrounded by people who keep her real like her mother and a few friends, adding that above all, she believes in accepting her faults and learning from them.

On being asked about being judged by their fans only for their looks, Sarah and Ananya tell them that they want to be loved for things beyond their looks. 

As Karan talks about the influence of mothers in their lives, Sara calls her mother the epitome of strength and Ananya calls her mother her moral compass. 

Fun Games Begins

After chatting about various controversial subjects, Karan introduces them to an interesting game ‘Sentence Antakshari’. 

Sara and Ananya perform well, showing the glimpses of the friendship bond they share with each other. 

Further, Karan asks Ananya and Sarah to give percentages about how they perceive each other and he calls this activity Wrecktangle.

Ananya reveals too much about Sara and judges her too extremely while Sara keeps her answers mellow. 

The analysis of the percentages turns into a wonderful chit-chat that tickles Karan. 

Later, Karan introduces them to rapid fire round where Ananya gives brutal answers while Sara’s answers are more honest and relatable while the icing on the cake is her impromptu poetry. 

The audience showers their love for Sara over Ananya, making her the winner of the rapid-fire round. 

Sara shows her deep appreciation to the audience by bowing to them for their love. 

Episode 3 of Koffee With Karan comes to an end.

Koffee With Karan Season 8 9th November 2023 Promo:

This week, Karan Johar will welcome the two highly inflammable divas from the Bollywood industry, Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey. 

The netizens had been waiting for the most controversial show of Bollywood and it is here to serve the "TEA"!

Koffee with Karan 8, this week (9 November 2023) starts with Karan welcoming the Bollywood stars and opening the show on a controversial note by referring to their mutual ex-boyfriend.

The recent promo for Koffee with Karan 8 (9-11-2023) shows Karan asking Sara what is one thing Ananaya has that she doesn't. 

Sara's answer about The Night Manager series opens the door for a more scintillating conversation about Ananya and her relationship with Aditya Roy Kapoor. 

This might also be a time for some big reveal for Ananya as the promo suggests some confession on her part.

To get to know more, watch the entire episode online or download Koffee with Karan today's episode, download the Disney+hotstar app, or visit hotstar.com

Koffee With Karan Season 8 9th November 2023 Promo:

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