KPY Champions 2022 Winner, Kalakka Pavodhu Yaaru Grand Finale Results, Runner Ups, Prize Money

KPY Champions 2022 Winner, Kalakka Pavodhu Yaaru Grand Finale Results, Runner Ups, Prize Money

KPY Champions Winner Name, Kalakka Pavodhu Yaaru Grand Finale 2022 Results, Runner-ups (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Place Names List)

KPY Champions Doubles Position

Winners Name

KPY Champions Doubles Winner Prize money

KPY Champions Doubles Title Winner (1st place) (2 winners)

Ammuthavanan - Pazhani Pattalam

Azar - TSK

4 Lakh cash prize

Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru Champions 1st Runner Up (2nd place)

Satheesh - Rajavelu

2 Lakh cash prize

KPY Champions Doubles Title Winner 2022 Prediction: Star Vijay Grand Finale, Who wins KPY Champions Doubles Winner 2022?

The winner of the KPY Champions doubles will be selected based on the judges’ scores. The telecast date of the KPY Champions doubles grand finale airs on 14th August 2022 on Vijay Television.

the team has announced the special guest of the KPY Champions doubles finale as Sivakarthikeyan. He gives a stunning entry on the sets and appreciate all the finalists.

Based on the performance of the contestants Rajavelu-Satheesh, Azar-TSK, Ramar-Nisha, Amuthavanan-Palani Pattalam, Vinoth-Bala and Jayachandran-Aadhavan are expected to participate in the finale.

Their consistent performance and mind-blowing touches of humour have made them reach a milestone in the show.

Among all Amudhavanan and Pazhani Pattalam have done a great job throughout the show. 

They managed to grab the hearts of audiences of all ages with their funny performances delivering a social message.

They possess the highest chance of winning the title this season as they have equally won the hearts of the judges with their magnificent performance.

Bala and Vinoth combo has grabbed the interests of social media enthusiasts and the trending memes and reels with their performances have made them equally competent.

They deliver a timely performance each week which has made them reach this stage.

Aadhavan and Jeyachandran being the senior team is well known for their dark comedies related to politics, media and societal issues.

Their performances have been equally enjoyed by the judges and audience.

The other performers Rajavelu-Satheesh, Azar-TSK, and Ramar-Nisha deliver stunning and enjoyable performances each week in Kalakka Povathu Yaaru.

We anticipate “Amuthavanan and Pazhani are the winners of KPY Champions 2022”.

We congratulate all the finalists and wish them only the best for the grand finale to win the KPY Champions Doubles title and be crowned the winner.

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