Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: KKBW completes 300 episodes

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: KKBW completes 300 episodes

Kumar Bajewala upcoming story:

Kulfi gloriously completes 300 episodes on Star Plus.

 Kulfi Kumar Bajewala(KKBW) is the story of a daughter who has been deprived of father’s love. In the course of time, Kulfi lost her mother. Circumstantially, Kulfi had to look for her father.

Further, in the story of Kulfi Kumar, she discovers that the nation’s famous pop star Sikander is her father.

Presently Kulfi serial is riding high on drama. As per the recent  Kulfi Kumar spoiler tells, Sikander will be replaced by an imposter and Kulfi will discover about him.

We heartily congratulate the entire team of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala serial. 

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