Ladies And Gentlemen Zee Telugu Show Review, A Star Stubbed All Round Entertainer

Ladies And Gentlemen Zee Telugu Show Review, A Star Stubbed All Round Entertainer

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Ladies And Gentleman TV show is a reality show involving celebrities for fun and entertainment. The show host Pradeep Machiraju is a well-known face in the Telugu entertainment industry. 

In the Latest episode, Pradeep invites several college students along with a few of their lecturers to be a part of the audience section of the show.

The celebrities who are invited belong to The Lucky Lakshman Team which consists of 6 celebrities who make up the cast of the upcoming Telugu movie named Lucky Lakshman scheduled to be released on 30 Dec 2022.

The guests invited are:

  •  The director of the movie AR Abhi
  •  The male lead of the movie Syed Sohel Ryan
  •  The female lead Moksha 
  •  A well-known actor Raja Ravindra 
  •  Another popular actor Sameer 
  •  The producer of the movie Charlie 

So, in a way, the show serves as a platform for movie promotions, helping the new faces of the industry to gain popularity among show lovers. 

The host Pradeep next divides the 6 contestants into 3 teams. Each team comprises 2. The teams are as follows:

  • Sameer and Raja Ravindra 
  • Syed and Moksha 
  • Abhi and Charlie

The first round of the show is titled "Meeku Artham Avuthunda' which literally translates to "Can you understand". This round is all about communication and coordination between the teammates.

One member of the team is shown a word/a phrase and is expected to communicate that to the teammate. The Rules are No actions involved, No usage of the exact phrase shown. Only statements connected to that phrase/word are shown. 

To start with, every team is given 1lakh points. For every right guess, 25k points are rewarded. After the first round, Sameer and Ravindra’s team is in the lead.

Now starts round 2 which involves the contestants guessing the audience’s response to the asked question (which includes the answer to be in the form of a %). The question is based on general stereotypical assumptions of ladies & gentlemen in society.

The guess which is closest to the response will be awarded. The average of the 2 guesses coming from a single team will be taken as the team’s final answer. Right answer: 50k points rewarded.

The next round is the jackpot round. Every team gets 2 chances to roll the disc into pockets labeled with reward points. 

More than the rounds and the winners, this show is all about fun and immense entertainment. It has various factors like dance performances by the celebs, a nice talk-time with the celebs, and all of them having fun together which just makes the show so wholesome entertainment.

Pradeep does an awesome job of carrying out the show with his witty and very warm welcoming sense of humour.

Overall, the Ladies & Gentleman Zee Telugu show is a fun show with an hour of happiness and entertainment.

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