Lock Upp Elimination Today: Eliminated Contestants names list this week, 2022

Lock Upp Elimination Today: Eliminated Contestants names list this week, 2022

Lock Up Alt Balaji MX Player Elimination Today: List of eliminated contestants this week on Lock Upp show, Wildcard Entry

Hosted by Kangana Ranaut, the distinctive 24 x 7 reality show, Lock Upp Alt Balaji, MX Player premiered on 27th February 2022 with 13 contestants.

All the contestants participating in this Lockup reality show are part of various controversies.

Here, at Lock Upp, these controversial celebrities will be clutched with a partner who'll not be any less than an enemy to them.

The promotional videos specify that Ekta Kapoor is all set to bring all different genres of reality shows into one and make the audience stick to their mobile phones or other gadgets where they can download MX Player, ALT Balaji to watch this amazing integration.

Kangana Ranaut hosts the thrilling Lockk Up show.

With the best host, biggest producers, and interesting contestants, Lock Up is on its way to winning hearts with its exhilarating performance on the OTT platforms like MX Player and ALT Balaji.

In the 7th May 2022 Grand Finale Episode, Lock Up finds its first winner Munawar Faruqui with Kangana Ranaut for its first season.
On 6th May 2022, Tejasswi Prakash will accompany Jailor Karan Kundra for the finale week. Ekta Kapoor is planning to make Lock Upp Finale Grand with the presence of big stars. #TejRan is trending with their presence in the show.

Lock Upp Ticket to Finale Winner

Kangana's reality show Lock Upp has got its first finalist in the form of Shivam Sharma.

On 7th May 2022, Munawar is declared the winner of Lock Upp Season 1.

On 7th May 2022, Munawar is in the top 3 considering the public voting.

Anjali is in the top 3 as per the voting of ex-lock upp contestants. 

Payal Rohatgi is the third finalist.

On 6th May 2022, the top 6 finalists of Lock up are selected.

On 4th May 2022, Prince Narula won the warrant to the Lock Upp Finale.

On 21st April 2022, Shivam Sharma won the first ticket to the finale by defeating Anjali Arora.

Lock Up Alt Balaji Elimination Today (List of contestants Season 1 eliminated this week)

  • On 7th May 2022, Prince Narula is revealed to be a troublemaker and is evicted from the race of the winner of the Lock Upp.

Shivam Sharma and Azma Fallah are locked out from the race of the top 3.

Anjali Arora is lockout from the top 3 while Payal Rohatgi loses to Munawar Faruqui.

  • On 6th May 2022, Shaisha Shinde is locked out of the Lock Upp show and Tejasswi Prakash announces the top 6 of season 1 Lock-Up.
  • On 3rd May 2022, after the last Aatyachari Arena Khel, Poonam Pandey bids goodbye to Lock Upp in the Finale Week.
  • On 24th April 2022, Ali Merchant got eliminated from the Lock Upp show while Saisha was saved by Munawar who revealed his secret of traumatic childhood abuse. Kangana Ranaut also shared her secret of being abused by a boy in her town.
  • On 19th April 2022, Karanvir Bohra got locked out again from the Lock Upp show after receiving the least number of votes. Zeeshan Shah was evicted by jailor Karan due to his violent behavior.
  • On 17th April 2022, Mandana Karimi exited Lock Upp while Ali and Munawwar saved themselves by revealing their secrets. Shivam Sharma was saved by the voting.
  • On 17th April 2022, Prince Narula entered Lock Upp as a wild card entry. He won all the shows he has participated in. His entry is going to tough the game in the jail. He is a troublemaker in the show.
  • On 10th April 2022, Vinit Kakkar got locked out from Lock Upp while Mandana revealed her secret and kept herself safe. Shivam and Shaisha were saved by Kangana.
  • On 3rd April 2022, Nisha Rawal was evicted from Kangana's jail while Payal Rohatgi was saved from elimination.
  • On 3rd April 2022, Kangana Ranaut calls Shaisha Sindey and Karanvir Bohra back to the Lock Upp jail.
  • On 28th March 2022, Karanvir Bohra was locked out of the show in a surprise elimination. Meanwhile, two wild card entries Zeeshan Shah and Vinit Kakkar were locked in Kangana's jail.
  • On 27th March 2022, Sara Khan was eliminated from Lock Upp on the 29th day as she refused to press the buzzer where she was to reveal a secret.
  • On 26th March 2022, Shaisha Shinde was evicted by the host Kangana Ranaut for disobeying her. 
  • On 26th March 2022, Chetan Hansraj exited Kangana's lockup within five days of his entry on the show because of his bad behavior with jailor Karan.
  • On 23rd March 2022, Mandana Karimi and Azma Fallah entered Lock Upp as wildcard entries.
  • On 20th March 2022, Babita Phogat was locked out from Kangana's Jail.
  • On 17th March 2022, Siddharth Sharma exits on the 19th day of the Lock Upp show when Karanvir Bohra accepts the temptation to meet his wife and kids in return for locking out one safe contestant.
  • On 12th March 2022, Tehseen Poonawala was evicted out of Lock Upp on the 13th day of the reality show. He created a controversy with his revelation that he slept with the wife of the top industrialist.
  • On 5th March 2022, day 7 of Lockupp, Swami Chakrapani was eliminated/locked out of the show Lockupp.

Lock Up MX Player 2022 Elimination Status This Week:

Here is a table showing the status and some other details of each Lock Upp contestant.

Name of the Locked Up Contestant Profession Status (Top 6)

Munawar Faruqui

Stand Up Comedian Lock Upp Winner

Payal Rohatgi

Film Actress Runner Up

Anjali Arora

Social Media Influencer/Actress First Runner Up

Shivam Sharma

Model Eliminated

Azma Fallah (Wildcard)

Blogger Eliminated

Prince Narula (Wildcard Challenger)

Actor, Serial Winner Eliminated

Saisha Shinde (Swapnil Shinde)

Model Eliminated

Poonam Pandey 



Ali Merchant

Actor, DJ, Anchor Eliminated 

Zeeshan Shah (Wildcard)

Model, Actor Eliminated 

Mandana Karimi

Model Eliminated 

Vinit Kakkar (Wildcard)

Actor, Entrepreneur Eliminated 

Nisha Rawal

Daily Soap Actress Eliminated 

Karanvir Bohra

Daily Soap Actor


Sara Khan

Daily Soap Actress Eliminated 

Chetan Hansraj

Actor Eliminated

Babita Phogat

Indian Wrestler Eliminated

Siddharth Sharma

Film Actor Eliminated

Tehseen Poonawala

Entrepreneur/Political Analyst Eliminated

Swami Chakrapani

Political Activist Eliminated

We will keep on updating the current and eliminated list of contestants in this fascinating reality show, Lock Upp.

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