Lock Upp Host, Judge, MX Player, Alt Balaji OTT, Cast, Contestant Names Photos

Lock Upp Host, Judge, MX Player, Alt Balaji OTT, Cast, Contestant Names Photos

Lock Upp: Badass Jail, Atyachari Khel Wiki/Wikipedia/Review/Format/Host/MX Player/Alt Balaji/Blue and Orange teams/Theme/Jailor This Week/Wildcard entry:

Ekta Kapoor's new reality show LockUpp is all set to live stream on MX Player as well as ALT Balaji.

Kangana Ranaut will be seen hosting the most fearless show Lock Up and will be full of thrill and controversies with her presence.

The theme of the show seems the same as Bigg Boss but Ekta Kapoor claims it to be more engaging and captivating enough to keep the viewers glued to their seats.

With all the celebrities contestants, LockUp will be a mix of Roadies+Bigg Boss+Khatron Ke Khiladi.

The concept of the Lock Up show is based on the isolation of the contestants and is considered to be inspired by BIG BROTHER and SOLITARY which are one of the biggest reality TV shows in America.

Both shows are based on a social experiment that determines the physical and mental endurance of the competitors.

Not only the contestants but the viewers will be engaged with the show Lock Upp season 1.

Here is the table mentioning the details of the new reality show Lock Up which is to be streamed online:

Lock Upp reality show details

Name of the show

Lock Upp

Lock Upp Written in Hindi

लॉक अप


Reality Show


Daring, Fearless, Daunting tasks

Lock Upp Release Date

27th February 2022

Lock Upp End Date


No. of Episodes


No. of Contestants

17 (Currently)

Lock Up Wild Card Entry

Azma Fallah

Zeeshan Shah 

Vineet Kakkar

Prince Narula

Telecast timings (Running time)

Livestream 24*7


No telecast on TV

OTT Platform

MX Player, ALT Balaji




Kangana Ranaut


Ekta Kapoor

Lock Upp Contestants, Amount/Payment Received (Fees Charged/Salary/Income)

Lock Upp Participant Amount Charged/Received by Lock Upp Cast per Week/Episode
Anjali Arora 3-4 lakhs per week
Munawar Faruqui 3-3.5 lakhs per week
Poonam Pandey 3 lakhs per week
Babita Phogat 3 lakhs a week
Payal Rohatgi 3 lakhs per week
Sara Khan 2.5-3 lakhs per week
Siddharth Sharma 2-2.5 lakhs a week
Shivam Sharma 2 lakhs a week
Tahseen Poonawalla 1.25-1.5 per week
Saisha Shinde 1 lakh per week
Nisha Rawal 1.75-2 lakhs per week
Karanvir Vohra 2 lakhs a week

Lock Upp Contestant Names with Photos

  • 4th Wildcard Entry - Prince Narula

Prince has won every show he has participated in. He is an actor and a model.

  • 3rd Wildcard Entry - Vinit Kakkar

Actor, Model and Entrepreneur. Played a villain in Sab Tv's Ziddi Dil Maane Na and Mayasur in Baal Shiv.

  • 2nd Wildcard Entry - Zeeshan Shah

Got fame with Kumkum Bhagya and Bigg Boss OTT. Got into controversy for uploading a video in bathrobe while boarding a flight.

  • 1st Wild Card Entry - Azma Fallah

  • 16th Lock Up Contestant

  • Chetan Hansraj (15th Contestant in Lock Upp)

  • Contestant No. 14 Ali Merchant (New entry - Sara Khan's Past)

  1. Poonam Pandey

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2. Babita Phogat

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3. Nisha Rawal

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4. Munawar Faruqui

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5. Tahseen Poonawalla

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6. Karanvir Vohra

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7. Siddharth Sharma

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8. Payal Rohatgi

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9. Swami Chakrapani Maharaj

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10. Sara Khan

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11. Shaisa Shinde (Swapnil Shinde)

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12. Shivam Sharma

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13. Anjali Arora

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The list is the confirmed list and the rest of the contestants will be updated as the other names come out.

Lock Upp reality show Format/Concept/Story/Plot:

Queen Ekta Kapoor while launching the show claimed it to be the biggest and the most fearless of all television shows. She claimed the show will hold the audience captive with its concept and will be penned down in history with its roaring success.

16 celebrity contestants will be locked up in jail for 72 days to give the audience the pleasure of Atyachari Khel with Kangana Ranaut holding the power of their release.

Lock Up will be a perfect concoction of daring tasks, daunting dares, controversial fights, celebrity intimidating hosts, and constant pressure to do anything and everything to survive the jail.

The show claims to make rivulets run through your head with the thrilling tasks, sweat you in your shirt with the boldness, and make you pee in your pants with unbelievable fierceness.

Alt Balaji and Mx Player will live stream the show 24*7 on their respective platforms and the public can directly contact their favorite contestants. The audience will be empowered to award or punish the contestants and to play “Khabri” or secret revealer for them.

It is a first-of-its-kind Metaverse reality fantasy game engaging the public in a way never seen before.

Kangana Ranaut hosted the ‘Lock Upp’ show involves: Putting controversial celebrities in Kangana Ranaut's prison cells.

The show is based on the theme of a prison where celebrities are kept isolated from the outside world.

The prison cells have limited resources for the contestants and every week they fight against each other to obtain these necessities.

Lock Upp contestants: There are a total of 13 contestants who compete against each other and they are divided into two teams.

LockUpp on MX Player/ALT Balaji Teams and their Contestants

Lock Upp Blue Team Contestants (Left Block)

Lock Upp Orange Team Contestants (Right Block)

Shivam Sharma

Siddharth Sharma (Locked Out)

Tehseen Poonawala (Evicted)

Munnawar Faruqui

Nisha Rawal

Karanveer Bohra (Earlier eliminated but back again in the show)

Sara Khan (Exited)

Poonam Pandey

Saisha Shindey (Earlier eliminated but back again in the show)

Anjali Arora

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj (Eliminated)

Payal Rohtangi

Vinit Kakkar

Chetan Hansraj (Locked out), and Babita Phogat (Eliminated)

Azma Fallah

Zeeshan Khan

Ali Merchant (Wildcard 14th Contestant)

Mandana Karimi

Lock Upp Concept/Jail

The prison cells of Lock Up have limited resources for the contestants and every week they fight against each other to obtain these necessities.

The Jail is divided into two parts, one is the normal jail, contestants spend most of their time in this area. 

The second jail is where the contestants will be imprisoned in Kaala Paani, where they go through severe hardships as compared to the normal prison.

Both teams compete against each other and also perform various tasks given to them which adds to their points. After the results, a ‘charge sheet’ is filed against the contestants and one of them gets eliminated.

There is also a metaverse-based game planned around the show Lockupp. The metaverse-based game will allow people to connect with the Lock Upp universe directly.

Lock Upp Jailors List:

Apart from the ‘Queen Kangana’ who will rule the show, there will be a new jailor every week who will have to keep a close eye on the inmates 24/7.

Karan Kundrra is the first jailor of Lock Upp arrived on 4 March. Other jailors will include:

Jailor this week in Lockupp

Name of the Jailor in Lockupp this week

Jailor 1 (Week 1 - 3)

Karan Kundra

Jailor 2

Karan Tacker

Jailor 3

Karan Patel

Jailor 4

Surbhi Chandna

Jailor 5

Vikas Gupta

Jailor 6

Kushal Tandon

Jailor 7

Hina Khan

Lock Upp Review:

The show is raced up to be one of the biggest reality programs through the tried and tested theme of confinement which is considered as an inspiration from the famous shows like Big Brother and Solitary.

The prison-like appearance and the concept of Jailors reminds us of another show called 'Survivor'. 

The robotic voice that orders the contestants seems quite familiar to Big Boss. Critics are also calling it a low-budget Big Boss.

Another negative factor is the host's inability to connect with the audience and the contestants. Also, the robotic glaze of Kangana seems to be intimidating for the audience as they prefer a friendly host.

The unusual publicity stunts and repetitive games to push the TRP seem an overly enthusiastic approach which appears quite boring.

Some also called the show an Indian version of Squid Game.

However, the guest appearance of 'Jailors' who are renowned celebrities is hoped to bring the TRP spikes required.

The audience seems to love the blend of famous jailors and celebs as they are seen sharing and commenting on various fan pages and on Twitter. 

The show received 15 million views in 48 hours of launch which seems to be declining.

One of the major drawbacks is that the show is not available on any regular media channel and misses a big chunk of the audience.

Overall, the show is a good reflection of the digitization boom that the country has gone through as its game is also available on Metaverse.

Lock Upp Trailor/Teaser/Promo:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is hosting the reality show Lock Upp?

A. Kangana Ranaut will be hosting the Lock-Up reality show.

Q. Where can I watch Lock Up?

A. You can watch Lock-Upp both on MX Player as well as Alt Balaji.

Q. Will LockUp be telecasted on television?

A. LockUpp will not be telecasted on television. 

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