LoveHouse Online Reality Show, Host, Judge, Eloelo App, Cast, Livestream, Couples Names Photos

LoveHouse Online Reality Show, Host, Judge, Eloelo App, Cast, Livestream, Couples Names Photos

LoveHouse Online Live Reality Show Wiki/Wikipedia, Review, Format, Host, Judge, Eloelo App, Wildcard Entry, Couples Fight, Celebrity Contestants, Valentine's Day, Livestream, TikTok, Prize Money, Kartik Aaryan

The Indian public is being bombarded with new reality shows after the success of famous shows like Bigg Boss and Splitsvilla.

One of the new reality shows is Love House which claims to be India's first online reality show, promising to stream continuously for six days and six nights, making it one of the most unique reality shows for the Indian public.

The show mainly focuses on six chosen couples from the pool of over 50,000 couples who have registered to be a part of the show.

The live stream will be done exclusively on the Eloelo App which is also known as the Tiktok of gaming & live streaming.

The stream would be of 144 hours in total.

There will be many interesting prizes for the winners such as a meet and greet with the Bollywood star Kartik Aryan and a prize money of 5 lakhs.

The winning couple will also get a trip as a part of their winning prize.

Here is the table mentioning the details of the new reality show LoveHouse which is to be streamed online on the Eloelo App.

Love House Online Reality Show on Eloelo App Details

Name of the Show

Love House


Reality Show/Online Streaming Reality TV Show


Romantic, Couple, Bond Testing Game App Show

Love House Release Date

9th February 2023

Love House End Date

14th February 2023

No. of Episodes

Live Streaming Only

No. of Couples


Telecast timings (Running time)

Livestream 24*7


No Telecast on TV

OTT Platform

Eloelo App





Lovehouse Couples, Contestants, Partners, Valentine's Pair

Contestants Couples Partners Relationship Shipname
Sehaj and Gurpreet Saroop
Vishal and Aayushi AayukaVish
Raghav and Priya RagPriya
Pankaj and Shivu Pankshi
Goldy and Sapna GoSapna

Love House Couples/Pairs/Contestant Names with Photos

        Sehaj Aurora and Gurpreet Kaur (Kulhad Pizza Couple from Jalandhar)

        Sehaj Aurora and Gurpreet Kaur

        Vishal and Aayushi (Youtuber Couple)

        Vishal and Aayushi

        Raghav and Priya (RJ Couple from Radio City)

        Pankaj and Shivu (Short Video Sensations)

        Goldy and Sapna (Short Video Sensations)

        The list is the confirmed list and the rest of the contestants will be updated as the other names come out.

        Love House Online Reality Show Format/Story:

        The show is going to revolve around testing these social media famous couples and whether their bond of love is strong or not.

        In the show, tasks such as putting on makeup on their partners while being blindfolded, making their partner's favorite food without any guidance, and finding the outfits of their partners while being blindfolded will be shown.

        Lovehouse tasks will get crazier as the days go by while the main rule of the house will involve no violence and no form of explicit touching such as a kiss.

        The punishable couple will have to pay a fine of 1 lakh rupees, the same as the winning amount if they break the no explicit touching rule.

        5 couples will be locked together in a house for 6 days while the whole nation will be able to watch them and decide the fate of the contestants through live voting.

        Eloelo will live stream the show 24x7 on its platform and the public can directly vote for their favorite participating pair.

        The audience will also get to ask daunting questions during the 'Janta Ki Adalat' where these couple contestants in love will have to answer the questions by the viewers.

        It can be truly said that the show is one of a kind and is bound to garner popularity.

        Love House Trailor/Teaser/Promo:

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Q. Who is hosting the reality show Love House?

        A. The online streaming reality show Love House has no host but it will have a special guest in form of Kartik Aryan on the last day of streaming.

        Q. Where can I watch Love House?

        A. You can watch the live streaming of Love House on the Eloelo APP directly as there is no TV telecast.

        Q. Is Kulhad Pizza Couple part of Lovehouse?

        A. Yes the famous, Kulhad Pizza Couple is a part of this online 24x7 streaming online reality show, Love House.

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