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Maitree Serial TRP Rating, Shrenu Parikh's starrer awaits good TRP

Maitree Serial TRP Rating, Shrenu Parikh's starrer awaits good TRP

Maitree Serial TRP Rating/Rate:

Zee TV is back with another serial named, Maitree, with a telecast date of 7th February 2023.

The story of this new serial, Maitree will mainly revolve around the friendship between Maitree (played by Shrenu Parikh) and Nandini (played by Bhaweeka Choudhary) who will end up as the daughters-in-law of the same house.

The opening week of Maitree got 0.8 TRP points which indicates that the show made its place in the heart of the viewers and is expected to do better in the upcoming weeks.

The show will start off with Nandini being pregnant with her husband Ashish's (played by Mohit Kumar) child while Maitree is to be engaged to Ashish's older brother, Saaransh.

Maitree is ready for the marriage even after not knowing Saaransh well and puts her trust in Nandini and Ashish.

However, unknown to everyone, Saaransh is addicted to drugs and cannot function properly without them.

The audience will get to see a lot of twists and complicated situations in the show as well as relatable aspects such as the biasedness in the family between two daughters-in-law.

The telecast time of Maitree is 7 PM on Zee TV.

When Maitree will learn about Saaransh's nature and his drug abuse, she will blame Nandini for ruining her life, creating a crack in their bond.

Shrenu Parikh is making her comeback with Maitree and the fans are very excited to embrace this role.

Maitree has replaced Meet for the 7 PM timeslot and is expected to get good TRPs due to the unique yet relativeness of the show which might attract viewers.

At the 7 PM time slot, the Maitree serial will have to compete with Star Plus' Teri Meri Doriyaann and Colors' Udaariyan which are their respective time slot leaders.

Let us see if Maitree is able to break this monopoly and is able to carve its place in the TRP ratings as the show progresses. 

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