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Meet Going Off Air, Climax, End Date, Last Episode, Release Date, Season 2

Meet Going Off Air, Climax, End Date, Last Episode, Release Date, Season 2

Meet Serial Going Off Air, Ending Date, Story Climax, Final Episode, Upcoming Story, Trending News:

Zee TV's Meet has seen a lot of changes in the storyline in the past few months.

The Meet serial starring Shagun Pandey and Ashi Singh received a lot of love from the audience due to the eccentric nature of its story.

Meet Hooda, a girl who wants to become a police officer and destroy the conventional norms that society makes a girl follow, won the viewers' hearts.

At the same time, Shagun Pandey who portrayed the character of Meet Ahlawat got equal praise for his spontaneous acting and his amazing chemistry with Ashi Singh.

A lot of changes happened in the show after the leap where the characters Meet and Manmeet took their exit and the story's focus shifted to the no-grown-up Sumeet Sangwan, their daughter.

Sumeet in the turn of events had to agree to marry Shagun's son, Raunak who is still hell-bent on getting revenge for what Sumeet's parents had done to her.

However, this season's hero, Shlok Chaudhary, a middle-class boy who is a relative of Raunak and is head over heels for Sumeet ends up marrying her without any recollection of it.

The official date for Meet to go off the air is 20th November 2023, getting replaced by the brand new show, Ikk Kudi Punjab Di.

Sumeet goes on a long quest to prove that she married Shlok and not Raunak on her wedding day.

Even after this many twists and turns in the story, the viewers are not quite happy with where the story is going as it cannot match the place that Meet-Meet or Meet-Manmeet pairs created for themselves in the viewers' hearts.

Due to the lower-than-expected TRPs and the audience engagement on the show, the production team has decided to cut the timeline of the show a little too early.

Let's see if the rumors turn out to be true or if Sumeet-Shlok can make an impact on the viewers after they become a married couple.

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