Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 16th July 2022, 17th July 2022, Cordelia Cruise Special

Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 16th July 2022, 17th July 2022, Cordelia Cruise Special

Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 16th July 2022, 17th July 2022: Episode 5 & 6, Honeymoon Round Winner

Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai is a reality show for celebrity couples. The couple who manages to win all the tasks provided each week will be declared the winner. 

The latest promo of Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai (16-07-2022, 17-07-2022) starts with Anchor Makapa and Nisha announcing the round occurring at the centre of the sea at the grand ship "Cordelia Cruise".

They announce the round as the "Marriage Honeymoon round".

The contestants are found awestruck and they give a stunning entry on the ships. 

The new promo of Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 (16 July 2022, 17 July 2022) shows the couples sharing some romantic and emotional moments. 

Mahalingam dedicates a lovely song to his wife which makes her emotional. She confesses her love for him. 

The husbands present special gifts to their wives that make them emotional and later a photoshoot round is conducted for the pairs. 

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Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 16th July, 17th July 2022 Episode Promo Update:

Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 16th July 2022 Episode Written Update:

Today's Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 16th July starts with the stunning entry of anchor Makapa in the ship "Cordelia Cruise".

He announces that this week's Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai episodes are taking place in the Giant ship Cordelia. 

Glimpses of the ship with all amenities were shown. Then Nisha entered in the costume of Rose which was made fun of by Makapa. 

All the contestants give a stunning entry into the ship. They are awestruck seeing the amenities of the cruise. 

The judges give a rocking entry. Everyone boarded the cruise. They announced it is going to be a 5-day trip. 

The anchors announce the round of the week as "Kalyana Thaen nila round" which revolves around the honeymoon special. 

Sam Vishal and the team enter to deliver a special performance to entertain the contestants and judges. The contestants enjoy and dance to their songs.

Next, the husbands plan to surprise their wives. 

First, Mahalingam enters to deliver a special singing performance to surprise her wife. He sings for her wife which makes her emotional. 

All the contestants give him a standing ovation. The couple shares some romantic moments and shares their insights about their relationship.

The anchors announce the next round as "Kaiya vechikitu chumma iru da". To participate in this round Deepan - Suganya and Ram - Jaanu enters to play the game. 

The task is to identify the hidden object. Ram and Jaanu score more and win this round. 

Then, Rekha and Vasanth are found enjoying the ship. They then enjoy the wedding photo shoot on the cruise. Fareena guides them with poses.

The anchors then give them their photo albums in front of everyone. This surprise gift makes them happy. 

Yogi enters to deliver his surprise to his wife. He plans to give a special gift to his wife Sathya. He presents her with a laptop that makes her emotional. 

A new round is announced by the anchors as "Alai adikuthu". Deepan - Suganya and Yogi - Sathya play the game. It is a ball collecting game from the swimming pool where the husbands are blindfolded and wives instruct them.

They play the game in a funny manner. Yogi collects the highest number of balls and wins the game. 

A candlelight dinner setup was shown. Ram plans to surprise Jaanu with a candlelight dinner. She gets happy on seeing the surprise. 

Ram orders special dishes for Jaanu and feeds her. They both share some romantic moments. 

End of today's Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 16th July 2022 episode.

Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 17th July 2022 Episode Written Update:

Today's Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 17th July starts with the stunning entry of anchor Makapa and Nisha in the ship "Cordelia Cruise".

Madhan awakes his wife Reshma early in the morning and surprises her with the sunrise and coffee. She gets overwhelmed by this. 

Reshma gets emotional about this and both spend some romantic and quality time together. 

Nisha and Makapa announce the next round as "En kadhal solla neram illai'' where the husband or wife comes forward to express their love to their partners. 

Firstly Farina enters to express her love for her husband. She explains the understanding bond they share between them. Everyone gets awestruck by her speech. 

Then Ishwarya enters to speak about her husband. She shares their love story. This makes her emotional and Praveen gets emotional. He runs to the stage and gives her a hug. 

Next, Yogi enters to deliver his speech. He gets emotional at the beginning of his expression. Later, he shares about his wife's sacrifice. 

Then, Vasanth enters to speak about Rekha. He expresses his love for her and the way she is supportive of him. This leaves Rekha teary-eyed. 

The continuation of "Dei kaiya vechikitu chumma iruda" round was shown. Praveen-Ishwarya and Fareena-Rehman enter to play the round. Praveen and Ishwarya win the challenge. 

Next Nisha announces a "kadalai challenge" where the couples are found answering some funny questions. 

Then, Praveen is found surprising his wife Ishwarya. He plays the guitar to impress her with a candlelight dinner. Suddenly Nisha enters with a cake wishing her her birthday. All the contestants showed their wishes for her. Aishwarya gets emotional. 

End of today's Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 17th July 2022 episode.

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