Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai Season 4: 20th November 2022, Grand Finale

Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai Season 4: 20th November 2022, Grand Finale

Mr Mrs Chinnathirai 20th November 2022: Grand finale, Finalists, Winners' names, Prize money

Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai is a reality show for celebrity couples. The couple who manages to win all the tasks provided each week will be declared the winner. 

The latest promo of Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai (20-11-2022) starts with Anchor Makapa and Nisha announcing the Grand Finale of Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai Season 4.

The finalists Deepan-Suganya, Ram-Jaanu, Madhan-Reshma, Mahalingam-Rajeshwari, and Rehman-Fareena perform in the finale to win the title.

Gopinath and Deva Dharshini judge the contestants based on their performances and rank them.

The new promo of Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 4 (20 November 2022) shows the performance of Mahalingam and Rajeshwari which stuns the judges.

Then, the contestants play a quiz-based game about each other to test their understanding. This ends up in a funny manner where the wives scold their husbands.

The couple various tasks given by the judges and try to impress them and prove them eligible for the title of Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai Season 4.

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Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 20 November 2022 Episode Update, Latest Promo:

Mr Mrs Chinnathirai 4 20th November 2022 Episode Written Update:

Today's Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai 20th November 2022 episode starts with the stunning entry of the anchors Makapa and Nisha.

They then welcome the judges Gopinath and Deva Dharshini to the grand finale of Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai Season 4.

They welcome the finalists Madhan - Reshma, Ram - Jaanu, Mahalingam - Rajeshwari, Fareena - Rehman, Vasanth - Rekha and Deepan - Suganya to the show.

The present ranking of the finalists based on their previous performances are:
1. Madhan - Reshma
2. Ram - Jaanu
3. Mahalingam - Rajeshwari
4. Fareena - Rehman
5. Vasanth - Rekha
(No fifth place has fourth place shared by two)
6. Deepan - Suganya

The anchors announce the first task of the finale as the "Reel Vs Real couple task". It is a Competitive dance round between real and reel couples.

The first competitive round is between Madhan - Reshma Vs Bala - Rithika. Madhan and Reshma first enter to deliver their performance in a devotional-themed dance. Bala and Rithika enter to deliver a performance against them. They give a love-based performance that is enjoyed by everyone.

The next competitive round is between Vishal-Pranika Vs Vasanth-Rekha. Vishal and Pranika first enter to deliver their performance which impresses the judges. Next, Vasanth and Rekha enter to deliver a stunning performance on marriage life which is enjoyed by everyone.

Further, the competitive round between Vinay-Aishwarya and Ram-Jaanu occurred. Both deliver a stunning performance based on a historical theme which was highly impressive and innovative.

The next battle is between Bharath-Mukunth-Raveena Vs Fareena-Rehman. The first performance was given by Bharath, Mukunth and Raveena based on a dual love theme which was unique in concept.

Next, Fareena and Rehman enter with an emotional theme of an acid attack on women which makes everyone teary-eyed. They bring in real women who faced acid attacks for which everyone gives a standing ovation.

The next round is between Deepan - Suganya Vs Sunitha - TSK. Firstly, Deepan and Suganya enter to deliver a stunning performance. Then, Sunitha and TSK deliver a stunning performance that was enjoyed by everyone.

The next battle is between Mahalingam-Rajeshwari and Shruthika-Kureshi. Mahalingam and Rajeshwari deliver a classical-themed performance which was most appreciated by the judges. Shruthika and Kureshi deliver a stunning and impressive performances.

The anchors then announce the second task of Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai as "Engal Veetil ela naalum Karthigai round"
The husbands are sent out of the sets and the wives must match the emotions with their relatives and the husbands must match them similarly to that.

Vasanth and Rekha become the winner of the task.

Then a question and answer round is announced based on different situations.

The judges then enter the stage to announce the winners of the Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai.

The first runner-up of the Mr & Mrs Chinnathirai is announced as "Madhan and Reshma". They receive a silver trophy and a 2 lakh cash prize.

The title winner of Mr & Mrs ChinnathiraiSeason 4 is announced with the countdown as "Mahalingam and Rajeshwari". They receive a Gold trophy and a three lakh cash prize.

The second runner-up of the show is announced as "Fareena - Rehman" and "Vasanth - Rekha". They receive a bronze trophy.

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