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MTV Hustle 2 TRP Rating: How good is Hustle new Season 2022?

MTV Hustle 2 TRP Rating: How good is Hustle new Season 2022?

MTV Hustle 2022 Season 2 TRP Rating:

After the success of season one, MTV has brought in the second season for the famous rap/hip-hop reality show MTV Hustle which started airing on 3rd September 2022.

The show has been a blast in the TRPs since it is one of the only shows showcasing rap and hip-hop which attracts youngsters.

The Singing Reality Show Hustle 2.0 is also expected to garner good TRP ratings like its initial season but the ratings are speculated to be tricky as the makers have changed the outlook of the show in Season 2022.

MTV Hustle recorded more than 700 million views and 3.6 billion minutes of viewership across TV and Voot in season 1.

The total viewership of the season will be revealed at the end of the season and it is expected to do good.

The main judge of MTV Hustle 2.0 Season 2022 is Badshah while the contestants are grouped into squads and led by Squad Bosses.

The squad bosses include Dino James, Dee MC, King Rocco, and EPR Iyer.

It is noticeable to the fans of the Hustle that King Rocco and EPR Iyer have been runner-ups of MTV Hustle season 1.

This will increase the excitement among the audience and make the show more entertaining as the viewers will get to see their favorite contestant grow as a judge and see the new hip-hop talent from all over India.

Krissann Barretto is hosting MTV Hustle 2.0 while the previous season was hosted by Gaelyn Mendonca.

Let's see how the new concept of squads and the presence of two previous runner-ups as judges will affect the TRPs of the show.

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