MTV Hustle 2.0 15th October 2022 Episode Update, Episode 13

MTV Hustle 2.0 15th October 2022 Episode Update, Episode 13

MTV Hustle Season 2 15th October 2022 Written Update: Episode 13, Contestants, Squad Leaders, MC Square, Srushti, Panther, Paradox, GD 47, Super Manik, UK Rapi boy, QK, MC Headshots, Gravity, Wicked Sunny Badshah, Radio Hit, Best Performers, Watch the full show online on the Voot app This Week, Elimination, Voting

Hustle 2.0 is going to be rocking this week with the fire-igniting performances of the contestants and Badshah calling out for Shoutouts.

The latest promo for this weekend's Hustle Season 2 (15 October 2022) shows Naaz doing a mind-blowing rap on the stage and getting everybody on their toes and enjoying the beat.

In the promo of MTV Hustle 2 on 15-10-2022, the head judge Baadshah himself stand up and bowed to the amazing performance.

In the 15th October 2022 episode, Shrushti got the Radio Hit and the perfect score while GD 47 and Panther forgot their raps.

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MTV Hustle 2.0 15th October 2022 Episode Update, Promo, Performances:

MTV Hustle 2.0 15th October 2022 Episode 13 Written Update:

Today's MTV Hustle 2.0 15th October 2022 episode starts with Krissann Barretto announcing this week as "Shout out week".

Meanwhile, Encore and Calm join the show as special guests.

Later, Paradox sings giving a shoutout to society and stuns the audience with his change of voice pitch from low to heavy and gets a Radio Hit.

Afterwards, Sunny Wicked sings a hip-hop rap and fumbles between but makes a comeback with a bang.

Later the most awaited, MC square performs "Naina Ki Talwar Chali" singing Haryana folk lore Ragni and Shagun with a twist of Hip Hop.

After the performance, Badshah sweeps the floor indicating a banger and gives a Radio Hit and the judges give a perfect score.

Later, Srushti performs "Mera Bachpan Kaha Gaya" and shocks everyone with the story of her horrifying childhood experiences.

The judges give her a perfect score and Badshah hits the Radio Hit.

Afterwards, GD 47 starts to sing but forgets the rap and stops singing.

Later, Panther gives a shoutout to "India" and performs a mindblowing rap on the beat of Vande Matrum but makes some fumbles in between.

Meanwhile, Super Manik performs a Punjabi song on Mirza and Sahiba but fumbles between but completes the song melodiously.

This is the end of MTV Hustle 2.0 Episode 13 15 October 2022.

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