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MTV Hustle 2.0 23rd October 2022 Written Update, Episode 16

MTV Hustle 2.0 23rd October 2022 Written Update, Episode 16

MTV Hustle Season 2 23rd October 2022 Written Update: Episode 16, Hustlers Collab Week, Contestants, Squad Leaders, Best Performers, MC Square, Srushti, Panther, Paradox, GD 47, Super Manik, UK Rapi boy, QK, MC Headshots, Gravity, Wicked Sunny, Badshah, Radio Hit, Watch the full show online on the Voot app This Week, Elimination, Voting

Hustle 2.0 is going to be very entertaining this week with the twist introduced for the contestants to collab with each other.

The latest promo for this weekend's Hustle Season 2 (23 October 2022) shows Srushti and Naaz collaborating and roasting each other to a crisp with their verbal comebacks.

Srushti uses her unique writing style and Nazz compliments her writing with his witty way of twisting words.

In the promo of 23-10-2022, MC Square and Paradox collabs and shows a unique mixture of Haryana’s underground rap world and stun the audience with their performance.

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MTV Hustle 2.0 23rd October 2022 Episode Update, Hustlers Collab Week, Promo, Performances:

MTV Hustle 2.0 23rd October 2022 Episode 16 Written Update:

Today's MTV Hustle 2.0 23rd October 2022 Episode 16 starts with King, UK Rapi Boy and Paradox recreating a version of "Tujko Jo Paya".

Later, EPR and his team( Panther, Nazz, MC Square and Headshot) recreate the version of "Call of the blue". 

Afterwards, Dee MC Dynamite performs a twist of "Jedha Nasha" and adds elements of rap and electric voices.

Meanwhile, Srushti, Wicked Sunny and Gravity perform presenting their team and rap a song on the main keyword "Fitness".

After Badshah's first challenge is completed he makes a collab which includes all contestants.

King Slayer wins the title of Squad of the week.

Naaz and Srushti win the title of performers of the week.

Afterwards, Panther, Spectra and MC Headshot battle and puts the stage on fire in their last efforts to save themselves.

Spectra gets saved while Panther and MC Headshot get eliminated.

This is the end of MTV Hustle 2.0 23rd October 2022 Episode 16.

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