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MTV Hustle 2.0 Winner, Season 2022 Grand Finale Results, Runner Up, Finalists Prize Money

MTV Hustle 2.0 Winner, Season 2022 Grand Finale Results, Runner Up, Finalists Prize Money

MTV Hustle 2.0 Winner, Season 2022 Grand Finale Results, Runner Up, Prize Money

MTV Hustle 2022 Winner Positions

MTV Hustle 2.0 Winner Name

MTV Hustle 2 Winner Prize Money

MTV Hustle 2.0 Title Winner (1st Place)

MC Square

Trophy, 10 Lakh Rupees

Zebronics Dolby Audio Gift Hamper

New Single by Realme Music Audio

Realme Mobile and Smart TV

MTV Hustle 2.0 1st Runner-Up (2nd Place)



MTV Hustle 2.0 ( 3rd Place)



MTV Hustle 2.0 Title Winner Prediction: MTV Grand Finale, Who wins MTV Hustle 2.0 Title?

The winner of MTV Hustle 2.0 will be decided based on the audience’s vote and the judges' scores. The telecast date of  MTV Hustle 2.0 is on 6 November 2022 on MTV channel.

According to the audience’s vote, MC Square, Paradox, Spectra, Nazz, and Gravity are selected for the Grand Finale. The top five finalists' amazing performance throughout the whole season has made them a part of the grand finale.

Among all, MC Square has given tremendous performances throughout the season and has won the hearts of the audience.

Every contestant has entertained the audience a lot and given blockbuster hits this season. 

The blockbusters given by MC Square can act in his favour to help him to win the MTV Hustle 2.0 title.

On the other hand, Srusthi has gained the title of "Shakti" because of her powerful performances but unfortunately, she got eliminated in the battle round.

MC Square and Srushti have gained huge popularity and this can act as beneficial for them in their upcoming rapping journey.

Meanwhile, Paradox with his witty attitude and singing style has captured the audience’s heart. 

On the other hand, Nazz's skill of rapping songs with an element of imagery can work in his favour in winning the title of the winner.

Spectra will also give a tough fight to other rappers in the winning race. 

Meanwhile, Spectra has improved a lot during the collaboration round and came out like an improved version of himself.

We anticipate "MC Square is the winner of MTV Hustle 2.0".

We congratulate all the finalists and wish them only the best for the Grand Finale to win the MTV Hustle 2.0 title and be crowned the winner.

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