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MTV Roadies 18 Elimination: Season 2022 Eliminated Contestants List This Week

MTV Roadies 18 Elimination: Season 2022 Eliminated Contestants List This Week

MTV Roadies 18 Elimination Today: Season 2022 eliminated contestants this week, Who got evicted this week? (MTV Roadies 18 Eliminated Contestant List 2022), Vote out Today, Buddy Pairs

MTV’s one of the most popular shows Roadies has begun on 8th April 2022, initiating a new adventurous journey with both its new and old contestants.

Season 2022 of Roadies 18 which is namely Roadies: Journey in South Africa has a change in its game format in the form of no gang leaders this time.

The new host mentor, famous Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood is solely taking the show forward with all the contestants competing against one another with a spirit of sportsmanship.

The Roadies 18 contestants are divided into Buddy Pairs where they earn Roadiums (per buddy pair) and Immunity to keep themselves safe from elimination.

The new season of Roadies has the new in-game points system of the currency being Roadieum which will give the contestants value and many interesting opportunities for future tasks.

This season also includes the Buddy Pair system according to which each ex-contestant will pair up with one of the new contestants and will be a pair throughout the season unless stated otherwise.

The contestants have to perform the tasks assigned to them either solo, in pairs or in groups that test not only their physical strength but also mental strength and social behaviour and relation.

The audience can cast their votes for their favourite contestants after the first two weeks, thereafter, each week the contestant with the least amount of votes is exit from the show while the other participants decide who will end their journey each week. 

However, contestants do get the chance to re-enter the competition through the wildcard entry which makes the show more exciting and thrilling for both the audience and the contestants.

MTV Roadies 18 Elimination, Contestants Vote Out Status (Season 2022)

Roadies 18 has telecasted its Grand Premiere episode on 8th April 2022.

On 10th July 2022, Nandini G.-Ashish Bhatia have become the winners of season 2022 of Roadies 18.

On 9th July 2022,  Gaurav Alugh and Simi Talsania got eliminated while Moose Jattana-Kevin Almasifar, Nandini G.-Ashish Bhatia, and Yukti Arora-Jashwanth Bopanna have become the finalists.

On 3rd July 2022, Sohil Jhuti and Siddharth Manoj got eliminated after failing the task to other contestants. Meanwhile, Kevin Almasifar and Moose Jattana have become the first buddy pair to receive TICKET TO FINALE after winning the task.

On 2nd July 2022, Arushi Dutta and Arsh Wahi got eliminated. And the last ranking from the current task will also be eliminated the next day.

On 26th June 2022, Nandini G.-Ashish Bhatia, Gaurav Alugh-Simi Talsania, and Moose Jattana-Kevin Almasifar got immunity by winning the task. There was NO ELIMINATION today.

On 25th June 2022Baseer Ali and Soundous Moufakir get voted out of the show during their Vote-out session and left the show. the show.

On 19th June 2022, Sonu Sood gave the buddy pairs a chance to bond and gain roadiums through tasks. There was No Elimination today.

On 18th June 2022, Nandini G.-Ashish Bhatia and Moose Jattana-Kevin Almasifar got immunity by winning the task while Sonu Sood gifted 500 roadiums to contestants during the task for bidding. There was NO ELIMINATION today.

On 12th June 2022, Aarushi Chawla and Sakshi Singh get voted out of the show during their Vote-out session and exit the show.

On 11th June 2022, Aashish Bhatia and Nandani G. get immunity while Aarushi Chawla and Sakshi Singh go into the danger zone due to not being selected by any team during the immunity task.

On 5th June 2022, Sonu Sood shuffled the buddy pairs and changes the roadies' partners for the rest of the show. There is NO ELIMINATION today.

On 4th June 2022, Kavya Khurana and Tanish Ghorpade got eliminated as there was individual elimination rather than the buddy pair elimination. Meanwhile, Arushi Chawla, Arsh Wahi, Gaurav Alugh, and Moose Jattana have returned as wildcard entries as the shuffling of the buddy pairs is taking place.

On 28th May 2022, Soundous Moufakir and Aarushi Dutta got paired up and won 500 Rodiums each, while Baseer Ali and Jashwant Bopanna won the immunity task. There is NO ELIMINATION today.

On 22nd May 2022, Sapna Malik and Angad Bawa lost the survival task to Nandini G.-Yukti Arora and exited the show.

On 14th May 2022, the buddy pairs got divided into two teams during “Gupha Main Guptagu” task and got a chance to revive two eliminated buddy pairs and they chose Sapna Malik-Angad Bawa and Arushi Dutta-Tanish Ghorpade.

On 13th May 2022, Aarushi Chawla and Arsh Wahi got voted out of Roadies 18 but they got a chance to transfer their 3000 Roadiums to Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir.

On  6th May 2022, Kevin Almasifar and Soundous Moufakir got the most votes in the vote-out but got saved by Baseer Ali and Jashwant Bopanna. 

On 29th April 2022, Gaurav Alugh and Moose Jattana are voted out of Roadies 18.

On 22nd April 2022, Arushi Dutta and Tanish Ghorpade got voted out together as they were the most voted Buddy pair in the elimination vote-out.

On 15th April 2022, Sapna Malik and Angad Bawa got eliminated together as they were Buddy Pairs after losing the nomination task to Kavya Khurana and Sidharth Manoj.

MTV Roadies 18 Season 2022 Elimination Today (List of Contestants Eliminated This Week 2022)

On 5th June 2022, after the reentry of some past roadies as the wildcards, Sonu Sood shuffled the buddy pairs and made new pairs of roadies which are given in the table below:

Roadies 2022 New Buddy Pairs and their Status, Roadiums


New Roadies

Status / Roadiums 

Ashish Bhatia

Nandini G.

Winner Roadies 2022

Yukti Arora

Jashwanth Bopanna

Ist Runner Up

Kevin Almasifar

Moose Jattana

2nd Runner Up

Arushi Chawla

Sakshi Sharma

Eliminated (12th June 2022)

Sohil Singh Jhutti

Siddharth Manoj

Eliminated (3rd July 2022)

Arushi Dutta (Eliminated)

Arsh Wahi (Eliminated) 


Gaurav Alugh

Simi Talsania

Eliminated (9th July 2022)

Baseer Ali

Soundous Moufakir

Eliminated (25th June 2022)

MTV Roadies 18 Contestants' Name, Buddy Pair and their Status(Discarded):

Buddy Pair

Name of the Contestant

Bio and Season

Status / Roadiums 


Sapna Malik

Model (Roadies Revolution)

Eliminated (22nd May 2022)


Arushi Chawla

Model (Roadies Revolution)

Eliminated (13th May 2022)


Kevin Almasifar

MMA Fighter (Roadies Revolution)

Competing (900 Roadiums)


Sohil Singh Jhutti

Actor/ VJ (Roadies Real Heroes)

Competing (0 Roadiums)


Yukti Arora

Actress (Roadies Real Heroes)

Competing (3000 Roadiums)


Arushi Dutta

Influencer (Roadies Real Heroes)

Competing (reentered on 14th May 2022)

(0 Roadiums)


Ashish Bhatia

VJ (Roadies Real Heroes)

Competing (1000 Roadiums)


Gaurav Alugh

Actor (Roadies X4)

Eliminated (29th April 2022)


Kavya Khurana

An influencer on Social Media (Roadies X4)

Eliminated (4th June 2022)


Baseer Ali

Model (Roadies Rising)

Competing (0 Roadiums)

Buddy Pair 1

Angad Bawa 

Model (Roadies 2022 Debut)

Eliminated (22nd May 2022)

Buddy Pair 2

Arshvir Singh Wahi

Actor (Roadies 2022 Debut)

Eliminated (13th May 2022)

Buddy Pair 3

Soundous Moufakir

Financial Analyst, Model (Debut)

Competing (500 Roadiums)

Buddy Pair 4

Simi Talsania

Dancer, Content Creator (Debut)


Buddy Pair 5


Footballer/ Model (Debut)


Buddy Pair 6

Tanish Ghorpade

Fashion Influencer (Roadies 18 Debut)

Eliminated (4th June 2022)

Buddy Pair 7

Sakshi Sharma

Police (Debut)


Buddy Pair 8

Moose Jattana

Model (Roadies 18 Debut)

Eliminated (29th April 2022)

Buddy Pair 9

Sidharth Manoj

Model (Roadies 18 Debut)

Competing (1000 Roadiums)

Buddy Pair 10

Jashwant Bopanna

Fitness Trainer (Roadies 2022 Debut)


We will keep updating this article with all the necessary information related to Roadies 18 eliminations.

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