MTV Roadies 18 Voting: Vote for Season 2022 Roadies New Season on Voot app

MTV Roadies 18 Voting: Vote for Season 2022 Roadies New Season on Voot app

MTV Roadies 18 Voting: How to vote for Season 2022 favorite Roadie?

India’s longest-running adventurous show Roadies is back with another thrilling season 18 titled Roadies: Journey in South Africa.

The journey of Season 2022 of Roadies is to begin on 8 April 2022 at 7 P.M. on the MTV channel with the Bollywood actor Sonu Sood hosting the show.  

In the Roadies 18, the audience will get to see their favorite roadies from previous seasons competing against the new Roadies contestants on the lands of South Africa.

The show is youth-centric with major awareness towards modern problems and the young audience of the show is crazy about it.

Roadies provide an opportunity for all the viewers to cast their precious vote for the roadie whom they insanely love and want to see compete further in the show.

The audience of the show makes use of this opportunity very actively which further makes the show more interesting.

Given below is the method that will help you to cast your precious vote for your dearest/preferred roadie.

Vote for Roadies 18: Journey in South Africa, Season 2022 Voting procedure step by step:

(It is speculated that the voting process will be the same as the previous season.)   

  1. Season 2022 Voting can be done only on the OTT platform Voot. The viewers can either download the Voot app or can browse online.
  2. After downloading the Voot app or opening Voot online, voters have to log in with their login ID and Password or create a new account.
  3. Thereafter, go to the search bar and search for MTV Roadies: Journey in South Africa or look for the roading ribbon by scrolling down the home page.
  4. Then, open the MTV Roadies page and scroll down where the 'click on interactivity' tab shows.
  5. The page will open where there will be a question appearing, and the voter has to select the contestant for the question. (The name of the contestants will appear along with the picture.)
  6. Select the contestant for whom you want to cast your vote.
  7. Click on the submit button.

The moment you complete the above-mentioned procedure your vote will be cast. Remember that the voting is open for the specific duration of time given by the reality show.

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