Naagin 6 Wiki, Story, Serial Cast, Promo, Release Date, Timing, Actor, Actress

Naagin 6 Wiki, Story, Serial Cast, Promo, Release Date, Timing, Actor, Actress

Naagin 6 Colors TV Serial Wiki/Wikipedia/Review:

Naagin 6 is all set to wow its audience with its fresh story plot and new characters.

Naagin Season 6 (in Hindi नागिन 6) main female lead actress, Pratha played by Tejasswi Prakash is chosen as Shesh Naagin to save the country.

Naagin's new season 6 male lead actor, Simba Nagpal as Rishabh Gujral will be a devoted citizen who is ready to sacrifice himself for the betterment of the country.

Nagin 6 producer Ekta Kapoor announced Naagin 6 release date (start day) as 12th February 2022.

Meheck Chahal is portraying the role of Shesh Naagin in season 6 of Naagin. The role of the male lead in Naagin6 is played by Simba Nagpal while Tejasswi Prakash plays the role of the female lead.

Here in this article, we are sharing the information about the cast and crew, upcoming story, latest gossips, new spoilers, future twists & turns, written updates of the Nagin 6 serial.

Naagin 6 Serial Details/Team/Crew Members

Serial name

Naagin 6 (नागिन6)


Daily Soap Drama Serial

Naagin 6 Starting Date (Release day)

12th February 2022

Naagin 6 going off date (Ending day)

25th June 2023 (Not Confirmed)

Naagin Season 6 1st Episode Date


Telecast Days


Nagin 6 Timings

8:00 pm


Colors TV

OTT Platform




Naagin 6 written in Hindi

नागिन 6

Budget/Amount spent on Naagin 6

130 Crores (Costliest of all Naagin seasons)


Ekta Kapoor

Naagin No. of Seasons 


Production Company (s) 

Balaji Telefilms

Naagin 6 (Season 2022) Confirmed Cast, Entire Upcoming Characters/Real Names, Lead Roles, Actor/Actresses, Roles

Real Name

Naagin Season 6 Character Name/Role Played

Tejaswi Prakash

Naagin 6 Main Lead Actress (Cast as Pratha, Sarvashreshth Shesh Naagin)

Meheck Chahal

Naagin Season 6 Lead Actress (Cast as Naagin)

Simba Nagpal

Nagin 6 Main Lead Actor (Cast as Rishabh Gujral)

Manit Joura

Nagin6 Actor (Cast role as Professor)

Abhishek Verma

Naagin6 Ritesh Gujral (Cast as Rishabh's brother)

Gayathiri Iyer

Reem (Rishabh's fiancee)

Aditi Shetty

Rhea (Ritesh's fiancee)

Urvashi Dholakia

Urvashi (Seema's friend, Reem and Ria's Mother)

Sudha Chandran

Seema (Cast as Rishabh's mother)

Bakul Thakkar

Lalit Gujral (Rishabh's father)

Puneet Panjwani

Rishabh's Uncle

Reema Worah

Radha (Cast as Rishabh's Aunt)

Abeer Singh Godhwani (Naagin 6 New Cast)

Vijay Shukla (Inspector)

Shikha Singh

New entry as Police Officer Riddhi Sharma

Adiba Hussain

Pratha (Childhood version of Naagin Pratha)

Sanjay Gagnani

Maha Sapera

Rashmi Desai

Shalaka, Shangri-La, Red (Laal) Naagin

Lead couple Pratha & Rishabh Trending Jodi Name (by Naagin 6 Fans on Social Media)


Tusharr Khana

Yash (Pratha's new love interest) Shesh Naag

Shoaib Ali

Vihaan Gujral (Radha and Puneet's Son, Rishabh's Cousin)

Vishesh Sharma

Rehaan Gujral (Radha and Puneet's Son, Rishabh's Cousin)

Arjit Taneja

Farishta (Angel)

Zeeshan Shah

Renaksh (Icchadhari Nevala)

Nitin Bhatia

Bhanu (Nevla), Seema's Husband and Renaksh's Father

Amandeep Sidhu


Tejasswi Prakash 

Prathna (double role)

Pratik Sehejpal 


Naagin 6 Serial Storyline/Plot/Latest Episode Updates

In Naagin 6, the Serpent Queen is back as "Sarvashreshth Naagin" or "Shesh Naagin", the Queen of all Serpents.

Shesh Naagin is birthed when 100 Naagins merge into one. The role of Shesh Naagin is played by Tejasswi Prakash.

The story of Naagin 6 involves the 2020 pandemic that made the lives of millions of people turn upside down worldwide.

Shesh Naagin has been called upon this time to save her country’s people from dying and punish all those who have let the perpetrators a way to damage Bharat from inside.

The plot of Naagin's sixth season will revolve around the 2020 pandemic and Bharat’s enemies and security.

Tejaswi Prakash, the winner of Bigg Boss Season 15, is playing the role of Pratha, a simple girl who is keen to grab a well-paying job. However, Shesh Naagin Pratha has been chosen to do the tasks. 

Simba Nagpal, another co-contestant of Ms. Prakash, is playing the role of Rishabh Gujral, an army officer ready to sacrifice his life for the betterment of his countrymen. 

In the latest episodes of Naagin 6, we saw Pratha reveal her true self as Sharvashreshth Naagin to save Meheck and later marry Rishabh to find out about the traitors in his family. Urvashi on the other hand has constant doubts about Pratha regarding her identity.

The first Asura is dead while the second Asura, Lalit has forgotten the identity of Naagin after they tried to kill him. Now, the Naagin sisters are on the hunt for the next Asuras while Rishabh is getting close to Pratha to get the truth out of her.

Pratha and Mahek have killed the third Asura and have solved the musical mystery. Meanwhile, Professor has instructed the Naagins to stop the poison-filled truck and find the remaining Asuras. Shangri-La is Red Naagin which has come to harm the country.

Shangri-La is an artificial Naagin manufactured in the lab that has taken the body of Shalaka. Pratha drinks the poison from the Yamuna which Shangri-la mixed before dying.

The revelation of Pratha becoming Shesh Naagin took place. Pratha drank the blessed milk due to a shortage of time while Mahek was busy fighting the goons who attacked their house.

Now, Mahek and Pratha are after Rishabh's cousin who murdered Riya. While following Rehaan, Pratha and Mahek discover the fifth Asura. It is not Karan Mehra but Pratha's own father who has a dubious history.

Pratha and Rishabh are growing feelings for each other. On the other hand, Pratha has discovered the truth of her father being the fifth Asura and she later kills him with the help of Lord Ram.

Yash is revealed as Shesh Naag and is destined to marry Shesh Naagin Pratha but when Pratha realizes her true love for Rishabh she refuses to marry him after which Yash vows to follow the path of Brahmacharya.

Later, a Farishta gives Sheshnaag's book which reveals that there is a 7th conspirator in the Gujral family. Seema Gujral turns out to be the seventh Asura who knows Pratha's truth.

Chanda is Rishabh's mother while Seema belongs to Kalkeya Vansh who are after "Amrit Kalash" for ages. The mystery of "Amrit Kalash" is what interlinks Pratha’s past and Seema’s truth due to which Shesh Naagin will also have to encounter her biggest nemesis; Icchadari Nevala.

Nevala Renaksh is revealed to be Seema and Banu's son while Pratha finds out the location of Amrit Kalash under the Ujjain temple.

In the tussle for Amrit Kalash, Seema's true face gets revealed in front of Rishabh. Later, Maha Asura Seema goes into a coma and Pratha finally tells Rishabh she is Shesh Naagin and is willing to lose her powers so she can live a normal married life with Rishabh. 

In the upcoming twists of the serial, there is deep betrayal awaiting Pratha from Meheck as soon as she gives up her powers as Shesh Naagin. Meheck unites with Rishabh while she thinks that Pratha is dead after the death sentence for killing Samayra.

There is a leap of one year.

Meheck is the new Shesh Naagin and Urvashi is her Maasi, maternal aunt. On the other hand, Pratha is trying to get her Shesh Naagin powers back. A new rival has come by the name of Yeti who Meheck has to fight but does not have the guts like Pratha. Meanwhile, Mehek and Urvashi meet Zack, another perpetrator.

Later, Yeti who is sent by Farishta fights with Mehek when she gives up her powers and Pratha becomes Shesh Naagin again. Pratha returns as Kiara and there is a revelation that Rishabh has a twin brother named Shakti. Mehek reveals to Urvashi how she fooled Rishabh by making him believe that Pratha is cheating on him with Inspector Vijay.

Meanwhile, Rehan pursues Divya Singh, sister of Rajesh Pratap Singh, and acts to be loving her. Rajesh fixes Divya's marriage with Rehan and with this Rajesh, Kiara, and Divya come to stay at the Gujaral mansion.

On the engagement day of Divya and Rehan, Divya falsely admits her love for Vihaan in isolation which leads to Rehan throwing his brother out of the house.

Further, Pratha kills Vihaan, avenging her first enemy who conspired against her.

On the other hand, Shakti is lusting for Pratha after he sees her in the abandoned room where he is locked up. Shakti desires Pratha and wants to be intimate with her.

Pratha gets into banter with Rishabh when he tells her that his ex-wife cheated on him. Her cover as Kiara had almost blown up if it was not Rajesh who came on time and saved Pratha.

Soon enough, Rajesh will ask Pratha to marry him to get ancestral land and Shakti will try to molest Pratha, making her realize that it was not Rishabh who killed her unborn baby.

However, it was not Pratha who Shakti tried to molest but Mehek who took Pratha's form to lock him again in the storehouse. 

On the day of her fake wedding with RPS, Rishabh gets caught in a fire and dies. 

This makes Pratha mourn his death and swears to kill Mehek and then later die herself to reunite with Rishabh. 

However, Pratha doesn't know Rishabh is still alive and King Takshaka, Naag Raj, will help her unite with him again.

Due to Lord Shiva, Pratha and Rishabh meet again on Kedarnath. 

Mehek gets defeated while Pratha and Rishabh return to Gujral House. Troubles haven't ceased for PraRish since Shakti locks Rishabh up in the cell.

Pratha also tracks her baby girl with the Professor while Rishabh stops Shakti's and Pratha's marriage since she doesn't know who Shakti is.

Shakti commits suicide and Pratha and Rishabh start their new life. 

They both meet Anmol, however, they do not know that their daughter Prarthna is with Professor.

A leap of twenty years occurs and Anmol is twenty-one years old now. 

Prarthna and Professor return to Badarpur and Prarthna are all set to become the new Shesh Naagin.

With this fresh twist, Naagin 6 is set to bounce between the realms of mystical, supernatural, thriller, and romance. If you have a spark for it, Naagin 6 is sure to dazzle you.

Let’s see how this new avatar of Pratha is loved by viewers in the upcoming Naagin 6 (नागिन 6) future episodes.

Naagin 6 Serial Samudra Manthan Plot:

The Naagin series is back with a bang with season 6! This time, our serpent queen, is going to save her country from a raging pandemic.

In Naagin 6, the story writers have taken their inspiration from the big event that is often highlighted in Hindu Mythology: Samundra Manthan.

The Naagin 6 Professor is going to help Naagin find the nemesis of Bharat who is plotting against their own country.

In the Professor's study room, a replica of an ancient painting of Samudra Manthan is placed. As soon as Naagin will kill the Asuras in line, their faces will appear on the painted faces of the Asuras.

In Naagin 6, our serpent queen is keen to kill everyone who is becoming an enemy of one's own country. With mythology, mysticism, and the charm of a story untold, Naagin 6 is covering uncharted terrains.

The first person who disclosed info about all the Asuras came to be Rishabh's soon-to-be father-in-law. Naagin has to find all the Asuras to save her country and her people. The second Asura is Rishabh's father, Lalith who is alive. However, the third Asura Inspector Riddhi Sharma meets her end at the police station.

The sixth Asura turns out nobody other than Pratha's father. The seventh Asura is Seema Gujral.

Name of the Asura (Traitor list in Naagin 6) Role of the Asura in Naagin 6
Number of Asuras in Naagin 6 20 (Currently)
Naagin Asura 7: Seema (Sudha Chandran) Rishabh's Mother
Naagin Asura 6: Sardar (Amit Singh Thakur) Pratha's Father
Naagin Asura 4 and 5 Riya's murderers
Naagin Asura 3: Riddhi Sharma (Shikha Singh) Police Inspector
Naagin Asura 2: Lalit Gujral (Bakul Thakkar) Seema's husband, Rishabh's father

Naagin Asura 1: Lokesh Tilakdhari as Mr. Kataria

Reema and Ria's father

Naagin 6 Actors, Actresses Salary/Fees, Income/Remuneration (Amount Paid/Charged per Nagin 6 episode, Confirmed/Rumoured)

Naagin 6 cast (Actor/Actress Name)

Amount Charged/Paid by Naagin 6 cast per episode/day

Cast 1, Tejasswi Prakash

2 Lakhs per episode

Cast 2, Simba Nagpal

1 Lakh per day

Cast 3, Meheck Chahal

1 Lakh per day

Cast 4, Amrapali Gupta

75,000 per episode

Cast 5, Urvashi Dholakia

50,000 per day

Cast 6, Adaa Khan

70,000 per episode

Cast 7, Sudha Chandran

Around 3 lakhs per episode

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