Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer Serial Cast, Story, Dangal TV Wiki, Actor Names & Photos

Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer Serial Cast, Story, Dangal TV Wiki, Actor Names & Photos

Nath Zewar Ya Zanzeer (Naath) Dangal TV Serial Cast/Wiki/Wikipedia/Upcoming Story, Twists, Spoilers, Gossips, Hit or Flop, Written Updates, TRP Ratings:

Nath Zewar Ya Zanjir (NZYZ) is an ongoing serial on the channel Dangal TV whose first episode premiered on 23rd August 2021.

Nath Zevar Ya Zanzeer serial is being produced by Ved Raj and Isha Gaur under the banner of Shoonya Square Productions.

Chahat Pandey, Arijit Taneja, and Avinash Mishra are playing the lead roles of Mahua, Shambhu, and Aryan in Naath Serial which has been adored by the viewers.

Naath Zewar Ya Zanzeer serial puts the spotlight on one of the social customs, that is Nath Utarai, that prevails in the rural areas rendering the life of a woman in the dark who gets targeted.

‘Nath Utarai’ is the custom under which a girl is kept mortgage or sold to the lenders in exchange for money, and other goods.

After a girl turns 18, she is confiscated by the lender who removes her Nath (nose ring) and has the right to take away her virginity.

In the serial Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer, Anurag Sharma plays the character of Ramesh Thakur, the lender to whom Mahua's father owes money.

In exchange, Ramesh does the Nath Utarai of Mahua.

The telecast timings of the serial have been shifted to 8 P.M. from 10 P.M. after the serial gained popularity among the audience.   

Here is the detailed description of the serial Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer on Dangal TV, its upcoming story, twists, spoilers, gossip, written updates, TRP ratings, and many more.  

Nath Zewar Ya Zanzeer on Dangal TV Details

Serial Name

Nath Zewar Ya Zanzeer

Serial Name in Hindi

नथ ज़ेवर या जंजीर


Social Drama/Romance

Release Date (Start Date)

23rd August 2021

End Date


Telecast Days 

Monday to Saturday

Telecast Timings

8:00 P.M.

Running Time

21-23 minutes


Dangal TV

OTT Platform




Production House

Shoonya Square Productions


Ved Raj,

Isha Gaur


Atif Khan

Nath Jewar Ya Zanjeer Cast, Actors Names with Character Names/Role Played

Nath Zewar Ya Zanzeer Cast Real Name

Nath Serial Character Name/Role Played

Chahat Pandey


Arjit Taneja

Shambhu Thakur

Avinash Mishra 


Anurag Sharma

Ramesh Thakur

Pratima Kannan

Amma Ji

Anjana Singh 


Ravi Gosain

Avtaar Thakur

Pyumori Mehta Ghosh


Vaibhavi Kapoor


Ankur Dwivedi


Akanksha Gilani

Mahua's Aunt

Riya Bhattacharjee


Karan Khanna


Anchal Tankwal


Nath Jewar Ya Zanjeer Cast, Actors Names with their photos

1. Chahat Pandey

2. Arijit Taneja

3. Avinash Mishra

4. Anurag Sharma

5. Pratima Kannan

6. Anjana Singh

7. Ravi Gosain

8. Vaibhavi Kapoor

9. Pyumori Mehta Ghosh

10. Ankur Dwivedi

11. Akanksha Gilani

12. Riya Bhattacharjee

13. Karan Khanna

14. Anchal Tankwal

15. Mamta Solanki

Nath Jewar Ya Janjeer Story/Plot

The plot of the serial is set in a village where the custom of Nath Utarai still prevails.

Chahat Pandey, playing the lead role, depicts the story of Mahua, who has been sold by her father, Dharma, in her childhood, to Ramesh Thakur, the son of the village’s sarpanch.

Dharma is saving up money to repay Ramesh so that he could get Mahua free who is unaware that soon she will be one among the Nath Utarai women.

Meanwhile, Shambhu, the heir of the Thakur family, hates the Nath Utarai women and the practice itself as he is the son of a woman who was one of such kind.

However, Shambhu is brought up by Janki, the wife of his father Avtaar, who loves him immensely.

Destiny makes Shambhu and Mahua face each other at every stage of life. Every time there is a clash between the two and the hate for Mahua increases in Shambhu’s heart.

Later on, Ammaji fixes up Shambhu’s marriage with Mahua’s sister Boondi who is well cultured and ideal for being a daughter-in-law.

Mahua is taken away by Ramesh as his Nath Utarai woman which makes Shambhu hate Mahua even more.

Many twists and turns occur while performing the wedding customs and rituals which end up with Mahua and Shambhu being married to each other while Boondi gets married to Shambhu’s cousin, Radhe.

The sudden turn of events turns Boondi against Mahua making Boondi an enemy of her sister.

Shambhu denies accepting Mahua as his wife but Ammaji calls Mahua the daughter-in-law of the house despite her disliking for the girl.   

Time passes away with Mahua gradually winning the hearts of all the family members along with Shambhu who falls head over heels for her.

On the other hand, Boondi keeps on plotting against Mahua to get Shambhu back and indeed succeeds in her plan by getting married to Shambhu.

Boondi’s truth comes out after which Ammaji throws her out of the house and rearranges Mahua and Shambhu’s wedding.

The day of the wedding turns into the day of Shambhu’s death after Boondi and Ramesh burning in a rage of revenge shoot Shambhu dead.

Shambhu’s childhood friend Aryan enters into the picture who under certain circumstances marries Mahua despite the hate he bears for her in his heart.

However, as Aryan comes to know the real Mahua, all his misunderstandings about her get clear and gradually he starts loving her.

Ammaji gives Mahua a deadline to take a final call on her and Aryan’s relationship which will be considered final.

Aryan’s parents are trying everything in their power to make Mahua accept Aryan as her husband and give birth to the heir of their family.

To know more about the serial Nath Zevar Ya Zanjeer, go online to the Dangal TV channel on Youtube.

Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer TRP Rating

Nath Zewar Ya Zanzeer is one of the successful serials on Dangal TV. 

The storyline of the serial that portrays the social drama has brought immense attention to the serial eventually making it do a lot more good in terms of the TRP ratings.

Nath serial on average is getting 0.5 TRP points which is very good for a Dangal TV show and it is expected to rise in the upcoming weeks as Dangal TV is coming up with many original shows of its own to boost the TRPs of the channel.

It will be interesting to see how the chemistry between Mahua and Aryan keeps the audience stuck to the serial maintaining the TRP rating of the serial.

Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer Trailer/Promo/Teaser

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Where can I watch the serial Naath Zewar Ya Zanzeer?

A. You can watch the serial on the channel Dangal TV or online on the Dangal TV channel on Youtube.

Q. What is the release date of the serial Nath Zevar Ya Zanzeer?

A. The serial started on 23rd August 2021 on Dangal TV.

Q. Which actors are playing the lead roles in the serial Nath Zewar Ya Zanzeer?

A. Chahat Pandey and Avinash Mishra are currently playing the lead roles of Mahua and Aryan in the serial while Arijit Taneja who had been playing the lead role of Shambhu has left the serial.

Q. What is the telecast timing of the serial Nath Jewar Ya Zanjeer?

A. The serial telecasts on 8:00 P.M. from Monday to Saturday on the Dangal TV channel.

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