Pandian Stores Wiki, Serial Cast, Story, Review, Promo, Actor Photos, Episodes

Pandian Stores Wiki, Serial Cast, Story, Review, Promo, Actor Photos, Episodes

Pandian Stores (பாண்டியன் ஸ்டோர்ஸ்) Vijay TV serial Wikipedia/Upcoming Story, Twists, Spoilers, Gossips, Latest News:

Pandian Stores is the story of Sathyamoorthy's family and their lives which is telecasted on Star Vijay. 

Pandiyan Stores daily soap is about the family of Sathyamoorthy who works hard to balance their financial status and family despite many hurdles.

The brothers' bonding, family emotions, and the creative plot has attracted most of the family audience.

Pandian Stores naturally depicts the life and characters of a typical Indian-Tamil family and the sacrifices and struggles each family member undergo to lead a happy life.

The success of this story has hit nationwide that this serial is being remade in various languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and Hindi (Pandya Store). 

Below are the details about the daily soap Pandian Stores and its written updates, upcoming story, future twists, new spoilers, latest gossips, TRP Ratings, and much more.

Pandian Stores Serial on Vijay TV Details

Serial Name

Pandian Stores

Serial Name in Tamil

பாண்டியன் ஸ்டோர்ஸ் 


Family Drama



Start Date

1st October 2018

Telecast days

Monday to Saturday

Telecast timings

8.00 pm


Star Vijay

OTT platform


Pandian Stores (பாண்டியன் ஸ்டோர்ஸ்) Serial/Team Crew Details

Production Company

Venus Infotainment


S. Jeyalakshmi


Siva Sekar


Title track

Endrendrum Peranbilae

Number of seasons


Vijay Tv Pandian Stores Cast, Real & Characters Names, Actors/Actresses, Male/Female leads, Roles

Pandian Stores Characters Real Name

Pandian Stores Cast Character Name 

Role Played by the characters of Pandian Stores

Stalin Muthu (ஸ்டாலின் முத்து)

Sathyamoorthy/Moorthy (சத்தியமூர்த்தி/மூர்த்தி)

Male Lead/Elder Brother

Sujitha Dhanush (சுஜிதா தனுஷ்)

Dhanalakshmi/Dhanam (தனலட்சுமி/தனம்)

Female Lead/Moorthy’s wife

Venkat Renganathan (வெங்கட் ரெங்கநாதன்)

Jeevanandham/Jeeva (ஜீவானந்தம்/ஜீவா)

Moorthy's first younger brother

Kumaran Thangarajan (குமரன் தங்கராசன்)

Kathiravan (கதிரவன்)

Moorthy's second younger brother

Saravanan Vickram (சரவணன் விக்ரம்)

Kannan (கண்ணன்)

Moorthy, Jeeva, and Kathir's younger brother

Hema Rajkumar (ஹேமா ராஜ்குமார்)

Meenakshi (மீனாட்சி)

Jeeva's Wife

Kaavya Arivumani (காவ்யா அறிவுமணி)

Mullai (முல்லை)

Kathir’s Wife

Sai Gayathri (சாய் காயத்ரி)

Aishwarya (ஐஸ்வர்யா)

Kannan’s Wife

Sheela (ஷீலா)

Lakshmi (லட்சுமி)

Sathyamoorthy, Jeeva, Kathir and Kannan's mother

S.T.P. Rosary (எஸ்.டி.பி ரோசரி)

Muruganandham (முருகானந்தம்)

Mullai's Father

Shanthi Williams (சாந்தி வில்லியம்ஸ்)

Parvathy (பார்வதி)

Mullai's Mother

Pandian Stores on Vijay TV Lead Actors/Actresses Name with Photos:

Stalin Muthu

pandian stores: சித்ரா போட்டோ ஏன் போடல.. சர்ச்சையைக்கு ஸ்டாலின் முத்து  விளக்கம் - pandian stores serial actor stalin muthu clarifies after vj  chitra fans troll him | Samayam Tamil

Sujitha Dhanush

Sujitha Dhanush turns a year older; Vadinamma co-stars send out best wishes  - Times of India

Pandian Stores Serial Latest Story Plot:

Pandian and Lakshmi have 4 sons Sathyamoorthy, Jeeva, Kathir, and Kannan. Pandian commits suicide because of the financial crisis. Sathyamoorthy and his brothers and paralyzed mother Lakshmi undergo various struggles to lead their lives.

Dhanam an educated and kind-hearted girl marries Sathyamoorthy against her family's will and helps in building up Sathyamoorthy's family. She cares for Moorthy's brothers as her child and does not have a child of her own. They build a popular grocery store in the entire Karaikudi village and name it 'Pandian stores'

When the brothers grow up the family arranges for a marriage between Jeeva, the first brother of Moorthy, and Mullai, who is the daughter of Lakshmi's brother. But Jeeva is not interested in the marriage as he is in love with Meena. Meena's family being rich does not accept her love.

On the day of Jeeva-Mullai's marriage, Meena elopes from her house and enters the marriage hall, and asks Jeeva to marry her in front of everyone. To avoid disputes Meena is married to Jeeva and Mullai is married to Kathir the second brother of Moorthy. 

Dhanam undergoes so many struggles to settle the dispute between the couples and help them lead happy life. Kathir and Mullai hate each other initially but fall in love with each other later.

The story takes a turn when the youngest brother Kannan marries Aishwarya against his family's will and what more effort Dhanam has to put in to maintain the unity of the family.

Pandian Stores TRP Rating:

Pandian Stores TRP Rating was always high and it always came in the Top 10 TRP ranks. Because of it's high ratings, the remade version of Pandian Stores also able to perform much better in TRP rankings as well.

Pandian Stores on Vijay TV Trailer/Teaser/Promo:

Pandiyan Stores Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who is currently playing the role of Mullai?

A. The role of Mullai formerly played by VJ Chithra is now being played by Kaavya Arivumani.

Q. What happened to VJ Chithra former Mullai?

A. VJ Chithra committed suicide due to some personal issues.

Q. Which languages are Pandian Stores being remade?

A. Pandian Stores serial is being remade in various languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, and Hindi. 

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